Susan Favale, owner of Honor Yoga East Brunswick in Milltown, New Jersey has been with Honor Yoga for a year. Read here how she got her start in the yoga industry and the positive impacts that Honor Yoga has brought to her life.

MSM:How did you first become involved with Honor Yoga?

Yoga is a many thousands year old practice with the ability to transform lives. Honor Yoga continues to develop programs that lead clients to this transformation. We believe in taking creative ideas and passions and setting them in motion, like planting seeds and watching them grow.

MSM:In what ways have you been able to pursue your education or new ways of thinking since you opened Honor Yoga East Brunswick?

Since converting my studio to the Honor brand, I have had many opportunities to further my own education as well as those my staff. Honor brings together resources and expertise that individually we wouldn’t be able to access. There is tremendous collaboration and sharing. Nothing is more exciting than seeing a seed turn into a bloom.

MSM:How does Honor Yoga create an encouraging atmosphere?

I am always thinking of new ways to create a warm and inviting environment to bring clients out of their heads and into their bodies. I come from a creative background so my mind is always thinking of ways to “re-create.” Honor Yoga has always supported my ideas and help bring them to fruition. Day to day business support is offered in being part of Honor Yoga as well as for new campaigns, outreach opportunities, and special events which help tie the Honor community together.

MSM:Where do you see the future going or growth with Honor Yoga?

The message of yoga will continue to grow, bringing clarity and purpose to people’s lives. Rolling out our mat to practice is a celebration. An opportunity to transform a common day into something magical or new. It teaches us to make every moment of our life specia.  Honor Yoga will help spread this message with new studios in diverse communities, the establishment of a non-profit foundation, and continued commitment to education and to studio support.

Honor Yoga brand offers franchise opportunities for new as well as existing studios in converting to the Honor Brand. 

We have an incredible support team, tools, and strategy to turn your studio into a profitable, sustainable, and growing business.