In 2013, Maria Turco founded Honor Yoga with a mission to create an eco- and beginner-friendly yoga studio and community that welcomes and nourishes every yogi to thrive in their practice.

Since, the brand has grown to 10 locations open and operating in New Jersey — with dozens more planned in the coming months.

Recently, Honor Yoga announced plans for its first franchise in California, in partnership with Lorena Bridget Sanchez, a former kindergarten teacher. The studio is planned to open in January 2020.

“I wanted to open up a yoga studio, and the reason I chose Honor Yoga was because of their inclusivity and wonderful franchising opportunity,” said Sanchez, in a statement. “When I was going through a tough time in my life, yoga was the thing that got me through it with a smile on my face. Yoga really is for everyone.”

Honor Yoga also recently announced plans to open six locations in the Cleveland-Akron area of Ohio.

“Honor Yoga’s continued growth in Cleveland is a testament to our appeal and strength as a national brand, and I have no doubt we will continue to flourish with the addition of these new studios,” said Turco, in a statement. “As health grows to become a more prominent area of focus in life, it’s important for people to understand that yoga is a catalyst for change, challenging an individual to new lengths physically and mentally. Honor Yoga will be a welcoming environment to yogis of every level to explore yoga in Northeast Ohio.”

The Honor Yoga brand is focused on five pillars, including physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social health, and offers a variety of classes to fit a multitude of member needs and lifestyles.

By 2023, Honor Yoga expects to have 100 studios open and operating.