For Susan Favale, being the owner of a yoga studio was a dream come true. But a few years ago, she found herself ready to take her studio to the next level, and found that opportunity with the Honor Yoga franchise.

Here Favale, the owner of Honor Yoga East Brunswick, shares why she transitioned her studio to an Honor Yoga franchise, and what other studio owners can learn.

MS: Why did you decide to become an Honor Yoga franchisee?

Susan Favale

Susan Favale

SF: I had my own existing yoga studio for two years, and during that time I had always researched what other studios were doing. I continued to see and hear about Honor Yoga in my search. At the same time, a few of my teachers began teaching at other Honor Yoga locations and had wonderful things to say about the space. I decided to take a closer look for myself. I attended a workshop where most of the teachers were from Honor, as well as Maria Turco, the CEO and co-founder. The moment I stepped into the studio I was greeted with love by all and felt an immediate sense of community.

MS: What did you like about the Honor Yoga studio where you attended the workshop?

SF: The ambiance of the studio was much in line with my studio, before I transitioned to Honor Yoga, which was important to me, to make the space feel like a home for clients. The space you practice in can have a profound effect on your life.

MS: Why did you decided to transition your studio to an Honor Yoga franchise?

SF: My decision to move forward with Honor Yoga was guided by all the support they offered, the resources and connections available and the variety of opportunities I could give my clients as part of Honor. Being part of a larger group could bring something different to the table than I could do alone in creating a sustainable studio.

MS: What benefits do you have from being a franchisee? What do you like about it?

SF: I can run my business independently, yet never feel alone in making decisions. The owners of the studios gather for meetings and discuss what things work or don’t work and share important information. Being part of a branded name is helpful — the Honor Yoga name is known for all the beauty it represents in the studios, the teachers and the classes.

It feels like a family. We expand our creativity by working with one another on curriculum, marketing, and creating a non-profit division to help make the world a better place.

MS: What is a key to your studio’s success? What do students love?

SF: They walk into the studio and it immediately moves them in some way. They are welcomed with warmth and loving energy by not only the teachers, but also the clients themselves. I have had one client refer to my studio as the “Cheers” of yoga. Clients feel comfortable being themselves in a diversified setting as they form new friendships and create a Kula.

At the same time, each client is met where they are at in their practice, guided by one of many dedicated teachers. Teachers and students become friends, students become friends with other students, students become friends with themselves, and there the chain of community begins to spread.

I would recommend any studio owner consider becoming part of the Honor Family. It only gets better.


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