Honor Yoga, an eco- and beginner-friendly yoga studio and community that welcomes and nourishes every yogi to thrive in their practice, has set its intentions on expanding into Florida. Looking to stretch its yoga experience to more communities, the brand is set to open its first studio in Naples.

The 2,600 square foot studio is slated to open in late spring 2019. The three studios will be owned and operated by Naples local and yogi enthusiast, Kelley Kiernan.

“I am so excited to spread Honor Yoga’s mission in Florida,” said Kiernan. “As the trend of health and wellness continues to grow, more and more people are beginning to pick up the practice of yoga. I knew there was a need for a beginner-friendly studio, and I hope to provide a welcoming home that offers yoga practices for every person.”

Kiernan is no stranger to yoga or health and wellness. As a registered dietitian, she has clients come to her for guidance on better food practices to combine with better fitness habits. As a practicing yogi herself, Kiernan was inspired by her own yoga journey to help others become comfortable in stretching their bodies beyond their limits, and breaking the stereotype that you need to be flexible to do yoga.

“I used to think I couldn’t do yoga because I wasn’t flexible enough,” confessed Kiernan. “After taking a few yoga classes, I realized yoga isn’t just about physical flexibility – it’s about your mentality and learning to be patient with yourself to see how you can grow through yoga. I want to help others feel comfortable and provide them with a place that will encourage them to grow confidently.”

Founded by fitness industry veteran Maria Turco, Honor Yoga’s mission is to provide welcoming, beginner-friendly and accessible yoga studios where healthier and happier communities can be built around the practice of yoga. Focused on five pillars — physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social health – Honor Yoga offers a variety of classes to fit into each individual’s diverse lifestyle and schedule. From gentle, roots, calm and strong, slow flow, flow, power flow, aerial, yogabarre and meditation, each class is designed to fulfill Honor Yoga’s five pillars of yogic practice to relax the mind, restore balance, and build strength and flexibility. Honor Yoga also offers online streaming yoga classes.

Furthermore, each studio is consciously designed with the environment in mind. The living and breathing space honors the body, spirit and environment through a living vertical garden, bamboo floors as a wood substitute, safe cleaning products, and reusable retail products, among other design elements.

“Yoga serves as a catalyst for self-growth and discovery. Kelley’s knowledge in health and fitness, understanding of the power of yoga and desire to help others live healthy, will help her successfully introduce Honor Yoga to community of Naples,” added Turco. “We are thrilled to have Kelley join our family and look forward to watching her carry our mission in Florida.”

Honor Yoga currently has 25 studios in various stages of development across six states, with plans to open 20 additional studios each year. By 2023, Honor Yoga expects to have 100 studios open and operating.

For more information on Honor Yoga, visit www.honoryoga.com.