Opening a studio can be quite a feat. But opening multiple locations can be an entirely different challenge.

Claire Ewing, CorePower Yoga’s studio marketing manager, gave insight into how CPY opens multiple yoga studio locations. She explained the first step in opening a new studio begins with the CPY real estate team. “They identify a studio site in one of our existing markets, or scope out sites in a new market,” she said.

The different markets have different goals for the new studios. In current markets, Ewing said the goal is to grow CPY’s influence in the area where they might already have a location or two. It is also a chance to give current CPY students a greater option of classes they can attend and studios that they can visit all over the city. In new markets, the goal is to expand the “boutique fitness industry” in areas that are dedicated to that same mission, explained Ewing.

Once the market is identified and CPY’s real estate team has found the perfect site, the planning process moves into the next phase. Ewing went on to explain in greater detail CPY’s process of opening multiple yoga studio locations, including marketing, logistics and more:

 Mindful Studio Magazine: What planning process do you work through in opening up a studio?

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Caire Ewing: [After the real estate team finds a location] we then consult with our in-house design team and determine if the site is suitable for our climate-controlled studios. After the design team signs off, we tip everything in to high gear and determine construction budgets, solidify a contractor and finalize details with the landlord. After this 10 to 12 week process, the new studios are introduced to our marketing team so we can start to promote the studio opening.

 MSM: What are the key logistics you need to think about? 

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CE: Collaboration is key. There are a lot of CPY teams that support a studio opening. Our real estate, design and construction teams drive the kick off of the initial phases. Operationally, we need to secure a studio management team and instructors. Our marketing team needs to determine tactics to drive membership and overall awareness in the market. IT, retail, customer experience and HR teams also have their hands in the process to effectively open a new studio.

 MSM: What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned in opening up other locations? 

multiple locations CE: The biggest lesson we have learned is that opening a yoga studio requires a strong team on the ground that understands CPY and the intensely physical workout we provide that is rooted in the mindfulness of yoga. The CPY community is fueled by our passionate studio managers and instructors. Investing time and energy in our people sets the studio up for success in delivering a top-notch experience for our students.

 MSM: What advice would you give to other studio owners looking to open up more locations? 

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CE: Yoga is a booming industry. Eighty million more Americans are likely to try yoga for the first time in 2016, meaning yoga studios add incredible value to shopping centers, complexes and city networks. Educate landlords, tenants and the community about the growth of the overall yoga movement.