Life happens, things come up and there are times yoga instructors can’t make it to their classes. This is why it’s important to have a sub-policy in place. 

Michelle Acebo, the owner of Yoga Studio of Corpus Christi in Corpus Christi, Texas, said it’s important to have a sub policy in place, but it’s also important to not overuse it. 

“Teachers are discouraged to utilize subs on a frequent basis,” said Acebo. “We have found that the more often a class is subbed out too frequently, the attendance suffers for sometimes months afterwards.”

Yoga Studio of Corpus Christi dedicates a Facebook group of teachers familiar with the daily operations of the studio,for the sole purpose of finding subs for classes. Each individual teacher who subs also receives a written manual for daily operations. It includes codes to locks, passwords, opening and closing checklists,and whatever else the sub may need for operations. 

The more popular instructors at the studio only use certain subs for their classes to keep consistency flowing even when the normal instructor is absent. They contact the subs privately, and if they are unavailable, then the class opening is posted in the group.

To make sure Acebo is always in the loop of when a class is being subbed, she is the only one who can update the MINDBODY system. 

“Our MINDBODY system will send out email reminders to the teachers a day or two before the class. I also get a CC on the emails,” said Acebo. 

However, she always remains flexible with her teachers for the unplanned events that occur.  

“I also am the last resort back-up to the teacher,” said Acebo. “If they have an emergency situation come up, I am always available within a 30-minute window.”

When having a sub-policy in place, you should consider adding a limit for how often your instructors can sub their classes.

Acebo had a teacher subbing her classes almost every week at the last minute. Her classes used to be overflowing until she started frequently subbing. In a month,she only taught two of her 10 classes, which resulted in one of her classes being taken away and given to another instructor. 

A sub limit would prevent this from occurring and allowing the studio to function more smoothly and stress-free. 

Acebo’s final advice on a sub-policy is that consistency is the most important point. 

“Everyone should know the process and follow it. This keeps the studio business running seamlessly,” said Acebo.