Branding is vital for all businesses, including yoga studios. Here, Katherine White, the manager at YogaBalance Studio in Manchester, New Hampshire, shares insights into developing and cultivating a strong brand in their community.  

Mindful Studio: First, can you describe your brand? What do you hope it conveys?

KW: Our brand stands for a few key principles: excellence in terms of the quality of our yoga teaching and the classes and workshops we offer; professionalism with regards to how we run our business; and credibility due to 14-plus years of experience in the field and partnerships with internationally renowned yoga teachers and yoga and wellness organizations.

MS: How did you develop your brand? Why did you develop it this way?

KW: In terms of branding assets, when the current owners bought the studio, we acquired the YogaBalance name but re-created the logo in 2008. Ever since then, our logo has stayed the same. We include our logo on every promotional asset we use and even in our in-house admin and communications. It is the jumping off point for all our design (all of our website colors are derived from the colors in the logo, the color of our free pens are based on it, the colors in our studio brochures and studio signage, everything) and is also front and center on our website, on our blog and on our social media platforms.

We offer limited retail at our studio, but we do offer YogaBalance-branded items, such as t-shirts, tanks, yoga mat bags, etc. Our YogaBalance instructors get free YogaBalance shirts that we ask them to wear when they are teaching off-site and when we take their headshots for their instructor bios. When we are doing online videos, we have our instructors wear YogaBalance-branded merchandise then as well. If we are working off-site, for example, when we attend health expos and community events, we bring signage with our logo and contact info. We also have a number of typefaces and fixed images we like to use repeatedly to build recognition.

MS: How do you get your brand out in your community?

KW: We do grassroots marketing, such as posting our flyers, brochures and business cards in local cafes, spas, and health and wellness organizations. We do a great deal of community events like Yoga at the Farmers Market, Yoga in the Park, health expos, employee wellness events and we also offer off-site corporate yoga. We also work with local charities and collaborate with other health and fitness businesses. We do traditional networking in our local Chamber of Commerce and other local business groups as well.

MS: What have you learned about branding over the years?

KW: Consistency is essential. And there is no such thing as too much branding.