It should come as no surprise that getting fit is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions each year. What may surprise you, however, is another extremely common resolution: to practice more self-care. From a yoga perspective, these aspirations go hand-in-hand, creating ample opportunity for your yoga studio to help community-members accomplish these goals while also increasing revenue for your business. Inevitably, there will be an influx of new students attending your yoga classes in early January as part of honoring these New Year’s resolutions. Be prepared with an exciting introductory promotion.

Many yoga studios offer special pricing to anyone who is new to their studio. Introductory pricing gives new students the opportunity to experience the studio for a set period of time or a certain number of classes at a discounted rate.

A few common introductory pricing models include:

  • Dramatic discounts or special rates on a month of unlimited yoga classes
  • Special rates for unlimited classes in a set time frame.
  • Special rates for a set number of classes
  • A significantly discounted first class
  • A free first class

Your introductory pricing is something you should promote year-round, but it requires special attention during the holiday season. Use the first two weeks of December to plan these special promotions, and the last two weeks of the month to advertise these offers.

It’s best to promote  your introductory pricing everywhere your studio appears online. You’ll want to:

  • Add your intro pricing to the homepage of your website.
  • Post your introductory offer to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Post to Instagram with your offer in the description. Use local and yoga-specific hashtags to draw new followers to your profile.
  • Create targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other relevant social media platforms.
  • Send emails to your current students and invite them to bring friends with them to class at your introductory rate.

It may be helpful to work from the inside out to promote your introductory pricing as well. This could be as simple as asking your current teachers to share your rates on their personal social media accounts  and with friends and family to help you expand your reach. Remember, the more you promote your new student offer, the greater your chances will be of attracting new yogis to your studio.

Want to increase your chances of retaining these students? You may want to think about allowing your introductory offer to roll into a secondary special offer. Many studios are successful converting students when they offer an introductory customer either a 10-class series or an unlimited monthly membership at a special price. Keep in mind this discount doesn’t need to be a drastic discount —it’s simply an additional incentive to encourage new students to commit to your studio long-term.

Denise Prichard is a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200) and the Marketing Content Specialist for MINDBODY. She can be reached at