“Come as you are” is a common phrase used at Shakti Power Yoga in Nashville, Tennessee. And that translates to its social media as well.

“It’s really a lot about inclusion and just the practice and posting the day-ins and day-outs,” said Keri Newman, the assistant studio manager.

Much of the content is real and not overly curated. And that theme doesn’t just take place on the studio’s own social media. Shakti’s teachers post poses and tag the studio on their own accounts while following the same idea of “come as you are,” said Newman.

In fact, she explained a large part of this social media usage is for announcements. Whether it’s about an upcoming event or a cancelled class, often people will see the announcement on social media before their email.

But timing is important to get right. While immediate announcements have to happen then and there, Newman said for other posts you need to think about if it will be seen or not. For example, it might not be a great idea to post about an event in two weeks on a Friday at 5 p.m. People are probably not thinking about what they’re going to do in two weeks at that time.

“Thinking about time of day and day of the week and if that would be seen efficiently or if there would be a better time. If we hold this post off for 12 hours, it might be when people are waking up on Saturday morning and getting ready to go do something for the day and checking their email,” said Newman. “[Ask] is this going to just get there somewhere out into the void? Or is this a great time that people might be scrolling there on their phones, taking a look at their social media?”

Newman gave a few other tips when it came to social media:

  • Avoid saturating people’s feeds, and ask how many posts went up this week.
  • Have useful information in your posts, keeping it concise as well.
  • Make things user friendly. If you’re talking about an upcoming workshop, post the link, encouraging people to click it to sign up.

In terms of marketing advice in general, Newman also noted the power in using email. She said Nashville is a big hub for travelers, meaning a lot of new students come through the doors at Shakti. But, sometimes those travelers come back. “They might see an email blast that might have something coming up when they’re going to be back in town and they’ll know that something is going on when they’re back in town,” said Newman.

When it comes to marketing, it’s good to be aware of what avenues work and which ones don’t as it’s ever changing. While TV ads might have been powerful once, Newman said social media is now the way to go, at least for the yoga studio. “Social media is something that really, I think, there is a lessor and lessor percentage of people who aren’t using it,” she said. “It’s an important way to let people know what you’re offering what you have going on.”