“Hi, I am interested in learning a little more about yoga and how your studio in particular could help me have a healthier lifestyle.

My phone number is _______. I’d love to hear more if you could give me a call.


Kaitlyn Clay”

This was an email I sent to five yoga studios across the United States with the goal of learning the different strategies owners have in place to follow up with leads. What unique ways would people try to get my attention? I was ready to find out.

Below, are rankings, one to four stars, on different follow-up strategies used by studios from all over to encourage me to choose their space.





No response at all. Three days have passed and no follow up has been made. By this point I would have reached out to another studio in the area and moved on.





I received an automated email from a studio with the following response:

“Thank you for your comment! We have received your submission and someone will get back to you shortly.”

Three days have passed and I am curious to what their definition of shortly is. It is nice to know they have intention to reach out to me, but if there is no follow through it makes me wonder how they would follow through with my fitness if I were an student there.





Two studios I reached out to sent me personal emails. One, inquiring what more I was looking for and what my needs were so they were more equipped to address my concerns. The other, gave me the prices for the new student specials along with class package offerings. They encouraged me to try a variety of classes before deciding to find which one might be a good fit for me.

This was a great approach in terms of making me feel like they genuinely cared and were interested in helping me. The emails were both sent from an owner or co-owner which made me feel like they valued each and every student that came to their business.

However, it would be nice if this strategy were followed up with another form of contact. A call the next day could show they really are interested in helping me achieve my goals and value my attendance.





One studio I contacted sent me a follow-up email and then an hour after I reached out to them I was called. While I was away from my phone at the time, the owner left me a voicemail explaining the studio and encouraging me to call back at any time to go through any concerns or questions I have.

On top of that, the next day I was sent another email thanking me for contacting them and reminding me of their new student deals.

Wow. I was blown away by how adamant this studio was to get me to come in and give them a shot. If they cared this much about educating someone they don’t know on their studio then I can only imagine how much they educate their students.

So I challenge you as a studio owner to check out your follow-up strategy to leads. These are the people that are keeping you in business, chase them.