As a studio owner and leader in the health and fitness community, encouraging others to invest in themselves is what you do. It’s inspiring to watch individuals grow knowing you played a part in their transformation, but what about your business? How are you investing in your studio in order to grow and support more clients?


To help define your goals, consider the following questions:

1. Are you promoting someone else’s brand(s) in your studio retail space where you could be promoting your brand?

2. Does your marketing outreach stir up excitement?

3. What new products or services will you introduce?

4. How are you unique compared to other studios?

Make a Plan

Now that you have assessed your current situation, it’s time to make a plan. Below is a list of simple marketing opportunities to increase your brand outreach and expand your revenue streams.

1. Team gear: Your amazing team of staff and instructors engage with your community on a regular basis and represent your studio. Why not offer your team branded gear? Team gear is great for inside and outside studio classes, events, fundraisers, trainings and festivals.

2. Branded merchandise: Having a retail boutique not only creates a direct additional source of revenue to help your bottom line, but it is the perfect opportunity to invest in your business and showcase your own unique branded merchandise. Essential items your clients will love:

High-performance leggings and tops to wear during practice.

Cozy leisurewear to wear around town.

Stylish yet practical accessories like water bottles, hair ties and yoga blocks.

3. Cohesive studio look: Creating a professional and inviting space is key to making a good first impression and to improve client retention. No detail is too small. Most yoga studios provide clients with yoga props including yoga blocks, yoga stretch straps, sweat towels and yoga mat rentals. Instead of generic items, invest in branded studio props and accessories to add a special touch and create a professional and cohesive look.

Do the Work

Execution is the most important step. Get started by making sure you have access to your current logo artwork files. Once you identify the key items, create a budget and start investing in your studio.

Lindsay Stepanek is the director of marketing at Studio Only, specializing in branded activewear, leisurewear and accessories for yoga studios. Lindsay can be reached at or visit