Emily Feinberg, the programming director and a teacher at SKY TING in New York, said the studio has been a customer of JadeYoga’s since 2015.

“We used Jade mats at the studios where we came from before SKY TING opened,” said Feinberg. “Personally, I use Jade for my home practice. The Harmony mat is grippy without being too cushy, so you can still feel the floor under you and actually improve every time you practice.” 

Below, Feinberg shares more about partnering with JadeYoga at SKY TING:

Mindful Studio: Describe your partnership with JadeYoga. What does it look like for you, your business and your members? 

Emily Feinberg: Jade provides us eco-friendly mats at a reasonable price. Not all studios provide good quality mats, and Jade mats definitely help develop a strong, consistent practice. Plus, our members don’t need to carry their own mats to and from class on the dirty subway, because they know they can use clean Jade mats when they come to practice.

MS: What is it like working with JadeYoga? Perhaps, what has your experience been like with their customer service?

EF: Jade’s customer service has been consistent. We need to order new mats every few months to replace the mats that get used the most. 

MS: What else can you tell other studio owners or operators about working with JadeYoga?

EF: They plant a tree for every mat you buy.

For more information, visit jadeyoga.com.