We all seem to be striving for simplicity in our lives. At the core of any yoga practice is this idea of getting to the heart of what’s important in life – to feel healthy, to feel grounded, and to feel connected. This is the common bind that keeps us all coming back to the practice.

When you’re serving your students by holding the space for them to practice you are honoring their dedication to finding their personal truth. The students are putting their trust in you to hold that space.  Let them know that you’re honoring your end of the bargain while encouraging and promoting their own personal growth. Whether classes are large or small, each student needs to feel a part of the space and that they can comfortably grow within that space. Personal attention to their progress, their aspirations and concerns is essential to growing a strong community in the space.

Offer ways for your students to participate in the studio and create ways to make it all about group effort. When we feel integral to the community, we feel committed to our individual goals. Get to the heart of what your students need and support them in their practice.

As you open dialogue with your students, understand where it is they might need extra support. Simple suggestions of how to keep up the practice at home, or encouragement to try a pose that they’ve always thought was out of their reach, or even an offering of little gifts go a long way. As we offer to the deities, we can also offer to one another. A packet of incense or palo santo to clear the space at home, a simple mantra offered as a repetition when life gets stressful, or an om symbol in the form of a necklace or a pair of earrings — these are all tokens that very gently nudge and guide us and give us a little boost of inspiration to keep going. These are simple ways for us keep one another going, because at the end of the day it is about one another. A beautiful cycle can grow upon itself —when students are heard they become integral to the space, and as that space grows more students come into the fold. In the end you will find a community has sprouted full of thriving people feeling healthy, grounded and connected.

To keep going is the key to a healthy practice. As a studio owner see your role as your practice. Finding ways to keep your students feeling supported and inspired can be simple. Small gestures and supportive dialogues can keep your students coming back.

Nazly Botas is the founder of Anahata, a jewelry company for yogis. She is also a yoga teacher at Sivananda Yoga and Vedanta Center New York. She can be reached at 973-517-3176 or at om@anahatapath.com