Over at Inhale Pittsburgh, Janna Hockenjos is working hard to keep her studio clean. She shares how she goes about accomplishing this feat day in and day out at her yoga business.

MS: How do you go about keeping your studio clean?

JH: I have two Seva Yogis — service trade — that come in a few days a week, before and after classes, to help keep the studio clean and organized. They sweep — and mop when necessary — the floors, vacuum carpets, clean the bathroom, and make sure all supplies are stocked and garbage and recycling is taken out.

MS: How do you set up this service trade system? What are the pros and cons?

JH: We keep it simple. If you are able to come in a few times a week to clean, then you get unlimited yoga. Pros: It’s very much worth it, because it helps build our community and also allows someone to help us where we need it. Cons: There is a lot of turn over and then very efficient routines get thrown out of whack, and we have to reinvent the wheel around new habits and schedules.

MS: What lessons have you learned in cleaning your studio?

JH: I don’t believe it’s necessary to go overboard. As in, there is no reason to empty the trash if it’s not empty or clean things that are not dirty. There’s an element of mindfulness to it, which is about paying attention to the needs of the studio rather than just doing the same thing without thinking as to why.

I’m all about real towels vs. paper towels — the switch out is easy and it keeps us all using only what we need. We’re all about the planet.

Also, just sweep the floor after every class because dust is sneaky and the next teacher will love you for it.

MS: What lessons have you learned in laundering blankets and towels? Any tips or advice others could learn from?

JH: On blankets: Don’t use scented detergent. It’s better to smell like nothing than something you love that someone hates. It’s my least favorite and most favorite “job” because it’s a chore, but when I think about how I’m going to bring in a fresh stack of blankets for everyone, it feels really good.

Use incense. Your place will always smell good. You want things to smell good!