The New Year is here. 

2020 is poised to bring about much upheaval and change to both the global power structures that have been in place for a very long time and to our personal lives. In order for humanity to evolve, we must enact change on the most basic level: inside our own body, heart and mind. We need to shift the ways in which we currently live to be more sustainable and in harmony with the earth.

How can we, as yoga studio owners, more skillfully ride the waves of upcoming change? Can we create businesses more fully aligned with our life purpose? Can we make decisions based, not on profit and monetary gain, but choices powered by the inner voice of Spirit?

Here are several ideas to muse on:

1) Take a deeper dive into your own spiritual practices.

Every yoga practitioner-turned-studio owner that I know complains about the same issue. They have less time for personal practice due to the demands of running a successful business.

Make sure to recommit to daily practice — at least four times per week — and take more time for yourself. 

If you practice asana, but not meditation, contemplation or prayer, find a way to connect with Source/Spirit and add that to your daily ritual. If you’re running ragged, can you really expect your studio to run smoothly and your students to enjoy a high-quality experience?

If you’re an entrepreneur who owns a yoga studio, but has never actually had a yoga practice — yes, I’ve met such people — now’s the best time to start. It’s one thing to offer programs like the 30-day yoga challenge; it’s another to actually participate and undergo that transformation yourself.

2) Take a breath and make a personal assessment.

Make an honest assessment of your personal strengths and challenges with an open mind and heart. How strong is your physical health? How stable is your mental health? How clear is your emotional health? Do you understand your unique emotional and mental triggers and how they impact your personal life? If you don’t, then it’s very likely that hidden issues will surface in unexpected ways, moments and circumstances to undermine your well-crafted business plans. Why? Because from a bigger perspective, you and your business are not two. They are one, as in they are both you.

3) Commit to the inner path of yoga.

It’s important to acknowledge and commend yourself and your students for stepping on the path of yoga, but don’t stop there. Yoga not only transforms the physical body, it transforms one’s entire being.

Unfortunately, there’s thousands of media images that convey we create a certain “yoga look” and hundreds of new age platitudes that invite us to act a certain “yogic way.” But when we focus primarily on the external aspect of yoga, we miss the most powerful part: an honest self-reflection that leads to conscious change, union with Spirit and ultimately to authentic expression.

Without the inner practices of yoga — how we make conscious change within ourselves to then create conscious change on the planet — we’re simply bypassing the truth. No one ever said walking the path of yoga would be easy, but the results are rewarding.

4) Create a Spirit-driven mission.

When we look at ourselves directly, accept our weakness and fully commit to understand where they come from and why, we take the next step to evolve as human beings. Through an earnest and steady practice we can become rooted in unconditional love. But that requires us to be in regular communion with Spirit — to ask for guidance, for inspiration, even for help. When we are informed by Spirit instead of our ego, we will make decisions that are good for the collective, not only for ourselves or our businesses. Perhaps this month you’ll revisit your mission statement and “ask” how to make it even more aligned with Spirit. 

Maybe you have a personal interest in the environment, human rights, clean water, equality or some other social issue. Perhaps by tuning into Spirit more deeply you’ll discover how to weave that passion more fully into your business plan and be of greater service to humanity.