Just like the flow of class, the flow of your locker room layout is instrumental to the experience at your studio.

“Vinyasa classes are all about flow. Same with a locker room design,” said Steve Troyano, the product manager of wood and phenolic lockers at List Industries. “If a yogi has to step over a fellow yogi to get dressed, the stress of their day continues.”

It’s essential to think about the flow of your locker rooms. But there’s a lot to keep in mind. Troyano said setting up the locker room away from the check-in area, and adding inches to the minimum building codes, can keep traffic from building up in the space.

At SWEAT Yoga Studio in Albuquerque, New Mexico, students have access to about 30 modern cubbies in the locker rooms, as well as numerous hooks. It keeps the space efficient and makes a good impression. “This ensures when new students enter the locker room for the first time, everything still looks well-kept and tidy, even with the belongings of 65 people in that space,” said Marisa Johnson, a co-owner of the studio.

Designing the Space

When designing the space, she said they also had to think ahead. For example, how could a line form in front of their four showers without impinging on the space needed for other students to change? Johnson wants her students to pop in and out of the studio with ease, and that means an efficient and well-stocked locker room.

Kerry Bestwick, the owner of PYP Studio in State College, Pennsylvania, noted several things to keep in mind for flow of a locker room:

  • Where the sinks are in relation to the toilet doors opening.
  • The ways doors open out into traffic.
  • The material used on the floor — for example, tile is hard to keep clean due to women’s hair, as PYP Studio found out.
  • Use material for your countertops, like PYP’s sealed concrete, that can withstand harsh makeup and cleaning products.
  • Note the color of flooring and how it will show dirt.

In terms of the finer details, warm tones are wonderful to use in your locker rooms, said Troyano. It can help calm your students and set the tone for an amazing class. For example, if you use Phenolic lockers, use a Formica laminate overlay that pops with colors, translating to serenity.

Fresh flowers in both the men’s and women’s locker rooms are a ‘wow’ touch at SWEAT. “This has made the most difference in the aesthetic and feel of the space,” said Johnson. “We by far get the most positive comments about the flowers. They make people so happy.”

Plus, the studio uses organic and eco-friendly EO Products, and provides stacks of fluffy white shower towels. Keeping the space clean and clutter free is another way to blow students away with your locker rooms.

Wow with Your Locker Rooms

Bestwick looks to wow her students in a variety of ways: digital lockers are used in both the men and women locker rooms; inbuilt mat storage has personalized engraved metal name plates for the studio’s unlimited members; essential and bonus amenities, from tampons to hand dryers to Poo Pourri are in the locker rooms; fun, branded artwork promotes the studio’s inner culture — and more.

All of this is with the aim to illicit the phrase, “you’ve thought of everything” from her students. “Keep it clean and simple. Wow with the touches, the extras you provide,” said Bestwick. “Have fun artwork that promotes conversation, community and connection.”

Ultimately, when designing and laying out your locker room, Troyano said it’s essential to consult with the experts. They often have the solutions for wet towels or lockable storage, for example, that can help solve obstacles studio owners often face in this area. And, they can help you find the best flow for your space, which provides the best experience possible.

“Flow determines entrance and exit,” said Troyano. “Yogis want to get to their mat as soon as possible to stretch prior to class. Get them in and out of the locker room with an open concept.”