Limited-edition artist designs add creativity and self-expression without sacrificing performance.

Never forget your yoga towel again. This mat has an ultra grippy microfiber towel fused onto a natural rubber core making it the perfect solution for any sweaty class. The microfiber surface is activated with wet so it actually becomes more grippy the more you sweat.

Each mat in this limited-edition Artist Capsule Collection features a design by a local artist to inspire the sweatiest of practices. Brent Broza, Emily Quandahl and Ashley Mary each offer different styles of abstract art that are both calming and vibrant, celebrating the creativity we discover in our practice and life around us.

“Sometimes painting can be a challenge, but I choose to lean into it, letting the piece do what it needs, and I ultimately find something really beautiful (and beautifully imperfect) on the other end,” says Ashley Mary. “Just like my yoga practice, my process is fluid, inspired, playful and exploratory.”

Manduka chose each artist based on their artwork and connection to yoga. Quandahl, for example, founded an artist collective that acts as a platform for artists to connect and gain exposure. She says, “It’s important for me to recognize that the base of a supportive creative community is camaraderie, so I make it a priority to shine the light on others.” In this same sprit, Manduka chose to highlight these up-and-coming artists and their causes with the yoga community.

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