“How you wake up each day and your morning routine (or lack thereof) dramatically affects your levels of success in every single area of your life,” writes Hal Elrod in “The Miracle Morning.”

Some studio owners are lucky to refrain from pressing the Snooze button more than twice when they roll out of bed in the morning. Some, however, are taking full advantage of their morning and have established a well thought-out routine to follow from the moment their alarm goes off. Focused and productive mornings have been proven to carry over to successful days, and ultimately successful lives.

In case you are wondering what other yogis are doing to kick-start their mornings, here are a few morning routines of the successful:

Diane Butera – Eugene Yoga

My morning routine starts the night before. I check my schedule for the next day so I know where I need to be, and write down the two or three most important agenda items to address. When my alarm goes off in the morning, I take a moment to think about something I am looking forward to that day. Often my husband comes in — he gets up earlier — and greets me with a smile, a kiss, and a hot cup of coffee! This is the best part of my day. After rising, the first thing I do is read the daily email I receive from The Tricycle Community called The Daily Dharma. It is a short inspirational message. My favorite this week,”Paying attention provides the gift of noticing and the gift of connecting. It provides the gift seeing a little bit of ourselves in others, and realizing that we’re not so awfully alone”. This quote is from Sharon Salzberg. The first half hour or so I give my body and mind some time to wake up. I have more coffee, toast, feed my dog, and watch the news.  I make a medicinal smoothie and take the supplements I require to stay healthy.  It is critical that my meditation/yoga time happen before my day takes off. Even if it is only 5 minutes I come to my cushion. I light a candle, read a few passages from a book (currently I am re-reading Dropping the Struggle by Roger Housden) and then settle in to meditation. If I have the luxury of extra time, I include 20-30 minutes of yoga, foam rolling and pranayama.

At least 4 times per week, I have a long morning jog. It is critical for my well-being to exercise in the “zone.” Right now I have an ankle injury so it’s the treadmill instead. The last past 3 months I have added another element to my morning routine. I send a short text to two very dear women in my life. We connect each day to support and inspire each other.

Danielle Lindner – Yoga Underground

Typically my physical body has a tightness in the back of my heart (grief/loss sits there), so my morning practice is to open and free my heart. A typical morning routine for me starts with Crocodile breath (diaphragmatic breathing) right in my bed on my belly. I hit snooze on my iPhone and breath into my belly for nine minutes. I extend one arm out like a T & roll onto that shoulder toss the opposite leg over and behind to open the heart and breath into the space underneath the scapula for as long as I am inspired. Switch and roll onto other shoulder. I then practice Self Reiki (loving kindness and prayer onto myself) at each of 7 major chakras. Depending how long I am sitting, if it’s only 10-15 minutes I’ll stay seated in bed,  if it’s a longer than 15 minute meditation I will go to my alter and light candles and incense and meditate in that sacred space. I oil every day in the shower to ground my vata(air/ether constitution) and tongue scrape to remove toxins. Not always in the morning but I will journal most every day to clear the mind of misperceptions related to fear, ego, attachments, and aversions (avidya) or anything that came up in dreams.  Most every day I will decide what kind of physical movement I need to balance my body, prana, and mind.  Could be Yoga of any type depending on what I need, walking/hiking, slackline, rock climbing. Then, it’s off to work!