Mindful Studio Magazine set out with a mission of providing the best business content to yoga studio owners and operators. In 2017, we produced stories ranging from operations to marketing, and today we looked back on them.

Below is a list of the 10 most read stories in 2017, based on data. From how to keep your hot yoga studio squeaky clean to opening a donation-based studio, topics across the board are covered. The one commonality between all the stories are the dreamers who shared their experiences. Learn more below.

1.Fighting the Bikram Yoga Smell

Keeping a yoga studio fresh and clean can be tough. Sara Curry, the owner of Bikram Yoga Portsmouth, shares some tips on how she does it. Learn more.

2.Dream Big

Anne Phyfe Palmer is a visionary. A year and a half after taking her first yoga class, she decided to open her own studio, 8 Limbs Yoga Centers, in Seattle, Wasington. Gracing the cover of our May/June issue, Palmer discusses the trials and successes she has faced as a studio owner. Learn more.

3.Building a Strong Brand is in the Details

Everything we know about a company is because of its brand. It is the link that connects the company to the customer and vice versa. As a yoga studio, branding goes beyond just a logo or a graphic image. It is the entire customer experience from start to finish. Learn more.

4.Independent Contractors vs. Employed Teachers

An important decision needs to occur before you hire your yoga instructors. Are they going to classified as independent contractors or employees? Learn more.

5.The Faces Behind Wanderlust Yoga Austin

Ashley Spence Clauer, the founder of Wanderlust Yoga Austin, offersx some insight into herself and each leader on her team, including the strengths they bring to the organization. Learn more.

6.Opening a Donation-Based Studio

Owner Belinda Thurston started her donation-based yoga studio after seeing a need to cater to various populations. Read why and how she did it in this Q&A. Learn more.

7.Straight Talk from a Studio Owner: The Business of Yoga

Blogger Diane Butera addresses the reality of being a small business owner, comparing it to a roller coaster ride that is more than worth it. Learn more.

8.The Golden State of Yoga

YogaWorks, a Santa Monica-based yoga studio chain and retailer, tells their story of growth and pioneering the membership model for yoga studios. Learn more.

9.The Perfect Combination: Yoga and Pottery

In the heart of downtown Wilmington, North Carolina, Pineapple Studios doubles as a yoga and pottery studio as a way for artists to express themselves. Learn more.

10.No Style Left Behind

Studio owners and instructors discuss the up and coming yoga trends and style you need to keep an eye on in the New Year and beyond. Learn more.