Allie Angelo started practicing at age 19 after being diagnosed with a chronic pain condition. She originally used yoga as a way to manage her pain and keep her body from becoming too stiff or stagnant, but as she practiced more and became more familiar with yoga, she fell in love.

Below, Angelo shares what’s next for her and Zen Yoga.

What is one thing that you love about yoga?

AA: There are so many things I love about yoga, it’s difficult to pick just one. I would have to say one of the things I love most is the mind-body connection and how yoga can help you both get outside of your head, but also become more in-tune with yourself.

How did you come to be the studio manager at Zen Yoga Studio?

Position: Studio Manager and Certified Health Coach
Studio: Zen Yoga Studio
Keys to Being a Great Instructor: Finding your own style, confidence and passion.

AA: I was originally hired as a desk yogi; I was working at the front desk a few days per week. From there I was asked to help with a few marketing and admin tasks, and a few months later I was promoted to studio manager.

What makes Zen Yoga unique?

AA: One thing that makes Zen Yoga unique is our community. This is a studio where the desk girl knows your name, where we help each other out in real life, and where our students can come not just for yoga, but also for friendship and connection.

What’s next for you? For Zen Yoga?

AA: I recently became certified as a health coach and integrative nutrition specialist, so I’m embarking on that journey, but also planning to stick with Zen and help the studio continue to grow. We recently started offering my health and nutrition coaching services at the studio, so now students can truly find support for their whole bodies. I’m also finally getting my 200-hour yoga teaching certification this year, and plan to bring a few new classes to the studio once I’m ready to start teaching.

We have fun plans for Zen Yoga this year. In addition to adding new services like my health and nutrition coaching, we’re also expanding our class offerings, adding new workshops, and working hard to find more and better ways to connect to our students daily. 

Allie’s Mantra:
I am fulfilled.
I am fearless.