The ball may be dropping in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, but the number of people you will see at your studio in the coming months will be rising. Having the right types of New Year’s promotions for your studio can get you stepping into the new year on the right foot.

Katherine Huynh, owner of Embrace Yoga in Fayetteville, North Carolina, explained if you aren’t really sure where to start with your marketing during this time of the year, the best place to begin is determining how and why your clients are utilizing their social media platforms — their main source of advertisement consumption.

“I first look at who comes into the studio,” said Huynh. “We have a broad demographic and many of our students use social media, so it is appropriate to connect to my students this way. I talk to my students and determine their interests to determine how, when and what content to display. I also review insights and feedback on Facebook to determine what content is producing a lot of feedback, and that way I can tailor the content to my students.”

It’s important to change your marketing tactics slightly during the New Year’s rush. Look for ways to encourage students to improve themselves and to use the new year as a time to reflect on ways they can turn their bad habits around. “We try to have our content at our studio become more about investing in oneself and developing a yoga practice around New Year’s,” said Kimberly Musial, owner of Yoga Hive in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Another option to market for the New Year’s rush on social media is to offer different specials aimed at those with memberships. This can inspire your members to spread the word about your studio. Andres Illera, owner of Gaia Flow Yoga, with locations in three cities in Texas, explained how this technique is important to their studio for consistency reasons.

“Our class schedules are very consistent throughout the year — we offer classes all day long, every day,” said Illera. “January is a very busy month for us and we usually offer holiday specials with memberships at discounted rates.” This could be a time for your instructors to try a specialty class they had been creating, and have it offered as a tester class to judge attendance rates.

According to Huynh, just like other holidays, you are going to want to post photos on your social media platforms in accordance with the specific time of year. “During holiday rushes, I adapt my marketing strategy by creating posts via Facebook that are related to topics of the season,” said Huynh. “I’d target things like holiday stress and how yoga can help, holiday travel, winter weather and tailoring a yoga practice to the change in seasons, holiday gifts of yoga, etc.”

In addition, your members can be your secret key to marketing your studio. Look for ways to encourage your students to act as your ambassadors, taking your studio’s brand and message to other people through various social media channels. Multiple students posting about your studio will reach more people than your studio can alone. A plus to this tactic is you aren’t spending any money, because your marketing has become user-generated. Having them post a simple, beautiful picture at your studio can go further than you think.

“I created Facebook and Twitter [accounts] in 2010 when we opened, and I started utilizing Instagram more recently after seeing how many people use it and engage with the pictures,” said Musial. “It seems that more than content, people just want to look at a pleasing picture.”

While you count down the New Year with those you care about, keep your studio in the back of your mind. Don’t let your new marketing strategies fizzle out like other resolutions.