Like many yoga studio owners before them, co-owners Anne Hoeschen, Amy Kerkenhoff-Terres and Anne Welle somewhat fell into being yoga studio operators. At first, they were skeptical they could run a studio on their own, as all three had full-time jobs. But after toying with the idea for some time, the opportunity seemed right.

“In January we became Yoga Melrose LLC, and we became an official business,” said Hoeschen. “We have this beautiful space with gorgeous hardwood floors and a pretty view. We offer a variety of classes, and it’s just been fun working with students of all ages.”

When Hoeschen says “students of all ages,” she means it. In fact, Yoga Melrose has partnered with the local high school to bring yoga to its athletes, including the football and swimming teams.

Kerkenhoff-Terres’s husband is an assistant coach at the high school, and helped forge the partnership. In addition, she played sports at Melrose High School, so is familiar with the benefits yoga can bring to athletes.

Instead of trying to force 70-plus football players in Melrose Yoga’s studio, Kerkenhoff-Terres instead went to them, holding yoga classes in the school’s gymnasium. Kerkenhoff-Terres said the athletes have been extremely receptive to yoga.

“They were awesome, actually,” said Kerkenhoff-Terres. “The first time I ever dealt with the high school athletes was the football team, which are not your stereotypical yogis, and they were extremely accepting. I do have my husband to thank for that, and my brother was on the football team last year, so with those two angles, everybody knew who I was coming in, so it wasn’t a surprise. They all really seemed to take to it quite well and really enjoy it, and I was glad that I could offer it to them.”

Kerkenhoff-Terres said it’s beneficial for yoga studios to partner with local schools. “I think it gives our youth an appreciation for yoga and how important it is to prolong a healthy lifestyle,” she said. “I think yoga can really enhance a person’s athletic career going forward, so if they do go on to play at the college level or even further, if they have some yoga background and they know what to do to balance their body, it will only take them deeper into their sport or athletic career.”

As Yoga Melrose continues to thrive in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, they hope to continue sharing their love of yoga with others, high schoolers and more included — even if they kind of fell into being owners.

“We really love yoga,” said Hoeschen. “I just want to share that love with people and how yoga has benefited us.”