The benefits of one-on-one training are endless. Students gain education pertinent to the way they live their life. Poses can be perfected, and training for specific goals is more attainable. For a studio owner, however, it can be a great additional revenue stream opportunity.

At Green Lotus a private session costs $75, with a five-pack package costing $300 ­— a much higher price tag than a full-size class. This is due to the specialized attention and programming that comes along with teaching one student. 

“Private sessions give you so much room to work with,” said Sarah Smeby, the owner of Green Lotus in Canada. “We work to make sure each class is perfect for the individual client. Before opening the studio, I would dabble in private sessions to enhance certain aspects of my practice. It really is more beneficial than people would understand.”

 She also suggested clients may reach out to try individual practices for several reasons, and that it is important to have teachers prepared for all situations. Some may want help with a specific section of their practice they aren’t able to grasp in a full class, such as inversions. Some may be looking to enhance their meditation practice, or may be dealing with a long-lasting injury and are coming to yoga for therapy. 

“We try to make sure each of our teachers are skilled in various areas, but we do have some with more training in certain fields,” said Smeby. “We always do an evaluation in the beginning to go over what the client is hoping to get help with through the training, any concerns they may have, or interests. After that, we will evaluate the best teacher for their interest, or if they have a preference that will be taken into consideration as well.”

Smeby also noted they cater the environment of the class and the studio room to the client. She said to note what style of music they like, the lighting, and the way the teacher interacts with them. 

“Sometimes yoga one-on-ones can become a sort of therapy session, and that’s fine,” said Smeby. “It is their time, and the goal of the session is making sure they feel more confident and strong than when they walked in.”

Marketing is essential for one-on-one programs. It is easy to get caught up in promoting your normal schedule of classes, and one-on-ones can be overlooked. According to Smeby, it is surprising how many people would be interested in giving a private session a try if they knew more about the offerings. 

“Market frequently to your current students,” said Smeby. “The more they see it and are exposed to it, the more likely they will want to try it. Try hosting a social media challenge and offer a private session as the prize. Or, create a special price point and promotion for new students. The more people try it, the more the word will be spread and the more your studio will reap the benefits.”