While proper alignment is key in class, at Create Yoga it’s also essential in partnership.

“[We partner with] companies that align with our values, as well as companies that want to touch our market of students that align with their values, and companies just in general that love us,” said Selah Estrada, a co-owner of the studio located in Santa Monica, California.

Estrada said they do a lot of research when looking for local businesses to partner with. But if a company reaches out to Create Yoga, they will ask two questions: How did you find us and why do you love what we do? “Based off of somebody’s response to ‘Why do you love what we do?’ it’s usually a really great indicator of whether or not they align with our values or not, because most of the time right off the bat the reason they say why they love us or want to work with us is because we work with charities, because we give back, because we’re so business-to-business and so consumer-to-business, and it’s typically why people reach out to us,” she said.

Students at Create Yoga know if Estrada puts a product or business before them, it’s one they can trust. Plus, any partnership is a give-give relationship. Estrada said they have done cross commercial marketing, newsletter trades and have showcased their partners in various ways.

In fact, once a month they host a Create Change Day. There is a donation-based class full of raffles and giveaways. The proceeds will go to a charity, and companies can come in to showcase their products. Estrada said while studios can feel the need to standalone, there is a lot of power in coming together with local businesses. “When you think of the greater good or the greater movement that you’re trying to create, what better way to raise yourself higher than by lifting people up with you,” she said.

Estrada noted partnerships are key for the studio owner. But that doesn’t mean just with local businesses. She said to look at the people within your studio as well. For example, most of Create Yoga’s partnerships have come about from its teachers. “The importance of not only lifting up other businesses around you, but lifting up the people who are within your business, because the more you lift up the people who are in your business, the more other businesses benefit from partnering with you, and the more the people who are with you benefit from staying involved in your studio and creating that longevity of commitment and reliability,” said Estrada.