Danielle Lindner, the owner of Yoga Underground in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, once met a traveler passing through her town on his way to India. As they got to talking, she learned about the organization he worked with, Conscious Impact, which aims to make a positive impact on global development. Lindner knew this wasn’t a chance encounter and internally decided she could do something to help.

Conscious Impact became the first of four “Giving Partners” at Yoga Underground. Ten dollars of every 10-class package purchased goes toward the Giving Partners: Conscious Impact, Roots Tribe Yoga, Angels Among Us and Redefining Balance.

“I thought of including them as partners in our studio, because I wanted to give the students an opportunity to actually go out in the community and maybe serve in one of these organizations,” said Lindner. “As they find themselves, their passions and gifts, then there is a way to take it out into the community.”

Lindner has noticed an enthusiastic response to buying class packages after explaining to students where the money is going. People enjoy knowing their money is contributing to something deserving.

“It’s not just a for-profit situation,” said Lindner. “We are trying to build a community and we are trying to encourage people to practice. It is in the practice that transformation comes and [our Giving Partners program] might be the way they feel better about committing to practicing with us, and they’re giving back as well. It is a win-win for everybody.”

Lindner’s advice to studios looking for organizations to donate to is to make sure it comes from the heart and not the head. Don’t just choose an organization based on a close proximity to you, but rather, choose one that you believe in.

“I think people recognize if something is coming from your passion, and see it as authentic and are willing to support you in that,” said Lindner. “It really and truly needs to come from a place that has you doing this because it is part of you and what you want to give back to the community. Whatever organizations it is, if you are passionate about it and it is a part of you, then people will support that.”

As for the future of the Giving Partners program, Lindner says there is always room for growth, and things will fall in place when the timing is right.

“I could definitely see adding more Giving Partners,” said Lindner. “I have a really firm belief people and opportunities come into your life when you need it. Things happened for designed reasons. These organizations just naturally felt really fitting, but I am always open to see what comes our way.”