While some yoga studios have punch cards, Wanderlust Yoga Austin has a passport.

“Our passport program is designed for new clients that are doing our introductory offer,” said Maile Floyd, the director of marketing, memberships and yoga retreats for the studio. “Our introductory offer is 30 days of unlimited yoga for a discounted rate. With this Passport program, it’s designed for clients to experience all of Wanderlust.”

The studio offers a large variety of classes, from Vinyasa to Yoga Basics to YoStrong — yoga with weights. With so many different options to choose from, Floyd said they want new clients to experience all the classes in order to find the ones they vibe with.

After a client signs up for the 30 Day Explorer package online or at the studio, the front desk is notified the yogi is a new client when they check in for the first time. Floyd said the Passport program namely sits in the front desk’s hands. “We have a great front desk team that’s all able and eager to help with signing up new clients, so they’re responsibility is to make sure clients are well informed with the studio and where everything is, and then also what classes and times they’re at,” said Floyd.

From there, members can try any class for 30 days. And when they show up to a new class, they will get their Passport stamped by the front desk. “Each page has a specific place where we can stamp for those specific classes they come to, and the different styles, so that they then experience hopefully all of them,” said Floyd. “If they get it all stamped up correctly, then they get a discount on their second month of membership.”

The idea is to get clients to find the yoga class they love. With so many options and types, Floyd said they want members to “jive” with a class.

She did note that allowing a new client 30 days to test out the studio has been one of the best decisions Wanderlust has made. A client isn’t on a time crunch of two weeks to try and find a class they like; now, they are encouraged to experience it all and have the time to do so. In fact, a lot of the front desk staff — Floyd included — fell in love with Wanderlust through the 30-day introductory package. Now, Floyd is a director at the studio.

While the Passport is an idea for other studios to consider, ultimately Floyd did say it’s key to keep the idea aligned with your business. “We’re Wanderlust. Our name is branded off of travel and everything about the festival we’re umbrellaed under, so the Passport program really works for us because it’s geared under our mission, under our umbrella,” she said. “Some other company could do something that’s flavorful for their owner style and what they’re offering, and just giving it a new, fun flare that clients really gravitate to, is something I would recommend.”