Yoga teaches us to push aside ego, learn from others, accept help and embrace guidance.

The dream of opening a yoga studio is sometimes foolishly dismissed as unrealistic, but of course it is possible. With yoga, anything is. And it is possible to open a successful studio and for you to shape your future by exploring the franchise options available to you.

Set Your Intention

Once you are firmly rooted in your decision to open a yoga studio, research yoga franchises and learn as much as you can about their successful models and their experienced team of yogi professionals. Then, reach out to the one that’s vision is most aligned with yours. 

Connectivity Matters 

Yoga franchises are available in different sizes, so find the one that best fits you. Some are huge corporations with hundreds of locations. While appealing to some, many prefer a more intimate, smaller franchise structure. A smaller franchise will be able to deliver you the same level of quality support, but will also allow you to be more creative and flexible. You’ll have more freedom to introduce your studio’s individuality to your community.  

Guidance and Accessibility 

After you’ve selected your franchise team, ask questions about the level of support you’ll receive. Get to know the people you’ll be working with and take advantage of their expertise. It is important to understand who will be helping you with tasks like choosing a location, marketing to new clients, vendor relations and more. No question is unreasonable, and the franchise team will have answers. A strong team will work tirelessly and collaboratively to make certain you are given every assist imaginable, much like a seasoned instructor offers students an adjustment during class to better position them for a deeper practice. Accept the assist. 

Build Your Foundation 

Once you’ve found a franchise that aligns best with your vision, the experienced team will train you on all aspects of the business of yoga and will offer support as you attract your own teachers, students and community partners. Even with a franchise, you will still need to work hard to help your new business flourish. A franchise will give you the stepping stones for success, but it is up to you to take that leap. Owning a studio can create a lifestyle you enjoy while also crafting a beautiful network in your community that invites good health and happiness to those who roll out their mats. 

 Powerful Community 

A community is only as strong as those in it, and you will want your new studio to have the fierce support of an established, committed community as it begins to flourish. Joining a franchise is a great way to expand an existing community into yours. You will learn to empower teachers, connect with students and plan impactful workshops. The company you choose should value community above all else because it will be pivotal as you continue to learn, develop mentorship programs, and foster connections on and off the mat. Make sure you are becoming part of a powerful community with endless opportunities. 

Jessica Fuller is the founder and CEO of The Hot Yoga Spot franchise. Learn more by emailing or visiting