Radiant Electric Heat, headquartered in Bedford Heights, Ohio, has announced the formation of a new high heat performance training division. With their years of experience in hot yoga heating, they are going to apply that knowledge and offer a full range of services to customers looking to provide healthy high temperature environments for their clientele. This will include consulting for hot yoga, spin, Pilates, fitness centers, team performance training and other applications.

Does Heat Really Improve Performance?

It stands to reason, and science, that training in high temperatures helps your body get more acclimated to heat. That doesn’t just mean you might enjoy tropical vacations more than others; it means the body may become better at handling stressful activities, workouts and competitions.

There are a growing number of studies that support the notion of heat acclimation improving performance. In a study at the University of Oregon, it was found that regular high-heat sessions created significant changes to the left ventricle in the heart increasing oxygen levels in muscle tissue. Another study that was published in The Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport showed a 32% increase in time to exhaustion and significant increases in blood and plasma volume after incorporating high-heat sessions. Increased plasma volume improves your capillarization, which increases blood flow to muscles and improves oxygen delivery. Improved blood flow and volume also shuttles nutrients to muscles, speeding recovery during and after workouts.

High-heat Training also Improves Stress Resilience.

If you’ve heard anything about weight training, you’ve probably heard about human growth hormone (HGH). It’s crucial for the growth and repair of muscles, and there’s evidence it can also help reduce body fat. New research shows training in high-heat environments can elevate HGH levels two-fold over baselines, and that increasing the heat can result in even bigger jumps. In one study, subjects who endured two one-hour high-heat sessions on a weekly basis temporarily increased their HGH levels by 1,600%.

Human growth hormone not only increases strength and muscle mass, but has the added benefits of better sleep quality, pain relief and an increase in heat shock proteins. Heat shock proteins can prevent damage caused by free radicals and support antioxidant capacity. They also appear to repair damaged proteins, ensuring they have their proper structure and function.

Healthy High-Heat Environments

In today’s world of health and fitness training, it has been found in countless studies far infrared high-heat therapy, and high-heat training, are the healthiest and most effective ways to achieve optimal results. Far infrared energy heats the body directly, penetrating epidural layers and muscle tissue naturally like the heat from the sun, unlike the scorching effect caused by super-heated air from furnaces with blower motors and fans. CreamiCircuitTM Far-Infrared Heating Panels by Radiant Electric Heat produce 52% more downward radiant output than competing radiant panels and have the heating industries only porcelain coated element, which is naturally antimicrobial and anti-bacterial – not only clean, but also efficient.