When Jessica Mahler first moved to Washington D.C., she was apprehensive of social media. But overtime, the truth hit her.

“I realized that if I wanted to get anywhere and create a following, I needed to put myself out there in a whole new way,” she said.

Two years later, Mahler now markets her personal brand on Facebook and Instagram. As a yoga teacher at Embrace DC, a writer and Reiki Master, she has a lot to share on her social feeds. But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been a struggle, as Mahler sees herself as an introvert and is often hesitant to posting pictures of herself. However, she said posts of her are typically the posts that do best.

“It’s been a huge learning process and has definitely — as much as it’s been uncomfortable — I feel like it’s also helped build a little bit more confidence, not just in myself in someone who’s promoting myself, but in general,” she said. “It’s really helped me also find my own voice on a deeper level.”

In fact, one of Mahler’s top tips when it comes to marketing yourself on social media is to be vulnerable. “By being honest and open about your weakest, sometimes darkest moments, it humanizes you and makes you relatable,” she said. “I don’t strive for perfectionism but for authenticity, and I think being open about my struggles helps to connect with others who may be going through the same thing or have had similar experiences. We’re all just human beings looking for connection, and I think that being as authentic as possible is the best way to build those connections.”

While she doesn’t have a set schedule of what to post when, Mahler said she does aim for a Sunday or Monday post about where she is teaching that week. Plus, anything she does post only goes up after she asks a few questions:

What can I say?

How can it relate to people?

What about this picture will connect with my audience?

Mahler also wants to let her audience and students know she cares. Throwing questions into her posts and following students back helps them feel engaged with and special to her.

But whatever you post, she said to post with intention and in a way that stays consistent with the message of your brand. Mahler explained people want to know what they are getting and what to expect when they view your feed. And if it’s special to you, others will probably find it special as well. “I think as long as there’s that common thread you can post about whatever you want,” said Mahler.


You can find Jessica Mahler @live_your_light on Instagram.