For most fitness business owners, consistently attracting the right clients to their business (and keeping them) is an ongoing struggle — especially because competition is always increasing in the marketplace.

And if you’re not consistently developing your sales and marketing skills, and taking action with a plan each month, your competition will quickly take your prospects, and eventually your current clients, too.

But you don’t have to keep struggling month after month. Here are seven requirements for sales and marketing success that will help you start taking back control of your business today:

  • A clear vision and positive mindset
  • Defined core values, purpose and mission for your business
  • A profile of the perfect client you want to attract
  • A positioning statement that distinguishes your business from the competitors
  • Compelling offers that give your prospect a reason to respond
  • Messaging that connects emotionally to your prospect
  • Consistent application of good marketing strategy across all phases of the Fitness Marketing Lifecycle

Putting these steps into action and creating a sales and marketing plan is the best way to make the year ahead (and beyond) your strongest yet.

Fellow yogi Stephana Johnson used to struggle with marketing herself and properly selling her services. After partnering with a business resource firm, Johnson was able to grow from three to 23 clients who were paying anywhere from $98 to $750 per month, and signed a 5-year lease on her own studio space.

Although she was nervous to pay rent, she implemented a low-barrier marketing offer for fast cash, which led to a best month ever in revenue at $20,735 for March 2016.

In less than a year and a half, Johnson transformed her business and her life. She now owns her own studio, is starting to grow a team, and has made more revenue in the past five months than she’s earned in the three previous years combined.

Lots of business owners try to craft a yearly plan. While that can be helpful, try just focusing on 90 days at a time.

A lot of changes happen quickly in a growing business. If you can get your marketing working two to three months ahead, you’ll be light years above your competition.

The most important aspect of every plan is consistent action.


Sean Greeley is the founder and CEO of NPE. For more information visit or call 888.866.4998.