For a studio to be successful, creating a work environment and planning for hiring, supporting and retaining instructors is key. They are the face of your business and are responsible for delivering the practice to your clients.

We have a process that begins with hiring and continues throughout the career of the teacher. Follow these tips, and we’re confident you’ll have a great team:

1. It starts with hiring. When a new instructor understands and aligns with your organization, everyone’s experience is better from the start. Some of the things we go over in the interview process are our mission, vision and values. Give your instructor a list of what they need to know about working for your studio and what makes you unique. They will feel a greater sense of belonging and be better ambassadors of your studio brand.

2. Provide teachers with a clear job description. Overall, it’s about preparing both the studio owner and the instructor with clear expectations. For us, this also serves as an assessment we use throughout their career for providing feedback.

3. Training: In a survey of our teachers, education was found to be No. 1 for what teachers most want from their employer. Training sets instructors up for success, giving them a solid framework in which they can then personally thrive as teachers.

4. Continuing education: Like initial training, continuing education supports a teacher’s career development, allowing them to expand into new areas over time and to grow their credentials.

5. Training and education also mean your clients are ensured consistency, which gives them greater confidence in the studio. Consumers feel a level of comfort when they know they can count on having their expectations met while enjoying the unique personality of each instructor. It’s a win-win for both teacher and client.

6. Support your instructors as a team. After education and training, instructors repeatedly tell us a supportive community is next on their list of priorities. Set up a place for instructors to communicate — whether it’s a social media group or a staff meeting and practice, be sure your teachers feel a part of the community.

Maria Turco is the CEO and Chief Yogini of the Honor Yoga brand. For information on franchise opportunities with Honor Yoga go to