Forty-one percent of Americans say it’s key that businesses have a strong social media presence.

In fact, most of the stats compiled in Hootsuite’s “125+ Essential Social Media Statistics Every Marketer Should Know” pointed toward a high usage and high importance on social media channels.

But you might not see yourself as a marketer necessarily — you have your yogis and yoga practice to grow. So, it might be a good idea to create a new position for a social media manager.

However, that might not be a viable option for your one room studio. If not, it’s time to take social media into your own hands. After all, Statista reported in 2016 there are 2.34 billion social network users worldwide — social media is only going to grow more powerful. With that in mind, below are some tips and tricks to get your Facebook and Instagram feeds supporting your studio’s brand:


  • Use trending hashtags. Is there a popular hashtag going around the yoga community? Take a minute to search #yoga on the app and see what pops up, noting which hashtags have the most views. Add those to your posts to boost their reach.
  • Use videos and photos. Sure, snapping a photo may seem easier than video, but your yogis will love to see behind the scenes footage of class and your studio. Record an instructor hard at work cleaning the studio or show a member working on perfecting their Crow pose. You can edit video within the Instagram app, putting together several videos if so desired.
  • Use the link in your bio. Through your posts, point users to the link in your bio that you can change each day, taking members to different parts of your website or even a valuable partner’s website. It’s another way to offer value to your followers.
  • For more Instagram tips, check out this article from Social Media Examiner.


  • Fill out your profile. Your business Facebook page might be the first impression many see of your studio, so make sure it’s quality and has complete information. Use high-quality images for your cover and profile photo. And don’t’ forget to fill out the About section with all your information, including contact info.
  • Add a call to action button. Marketing involves invoking people to action. By adding a button that reads “Sign Up” or “Contact Us,” potential members will feel invited to reach out in their interest. Find out how to add one here.
  • Use Facebook Insights. Data can be a scary thing, but Facebook provides easy-to-use insights so you can track how your posts are performing. Did anyone read the article you shared? How did the photo of your members at the latest fundraiser perform? It can give you a good idea of what your yogis like to see on your Facebook page and what to post next.