Gone are the days of watching the television for ads or picking up a flyer at the local grocery store. Today, a large majority of advertising seems to come from social media. Therefore, businesses without a social media presence are starting to become increasingly out of the loop.

Milena Regos, a principal marketer and entrepreneur, works with brands all around the world on their marketing strategies. She sat down and gave some tips for marketing your yoga studio in the best ways possible.

The first step in building your brand online is to take a few steps back and realize what you want your social media strategy to accomplish. Meeting with your staff and finding out if they have strengths in this field can help.

“Before jumping in with both feet, spend some time developing a social media strategy,” said Regos. “Know your internal resources. You may be surprised to find out that your part-time yoga instructor is an awesome photographer. Or, maybe your massage person does an outstanding job with videos. Gather the team and see who can help. Your employees are your best advocates.”

A key factor in creating a strong social media presence is making sure your staff knows who is in charge. Milena explained how important it is for an owner to take the initiative to lead and designate roles to their staff for how the social media will be managed and marketed. Something as simple as a social media calendar can be a good first step in the right direction. “It can be a team effort and everybody can post to social media,” said Regos. “Or, you may have somebody in charge of creating content, somebody posting it and somebody else doing advertising.”

In terms of the best marketing strategy for your yoga studio, try starting out small and growing your presence cohesively with your company. Social media platforms now have places for ads that hold a lot of power for reaching your audiences. Aim for those avenues first.

“I would start by establishing a presence on Facebook first,” said Regos. “With a Facebook page and the power of Facebook ads, you can reach a targeted audience within 25 miles of your yoga studio. Come up with some introduction offer and target your ideal clients on Facebook. You don’t need to have a social media presence to take advantage of social media advertising, but it helps.”

Finally, once you establish a basis on social media, engaging your users must be a top priority. It is important to understand what your customers want and which ways to deliver that want to them.

“Valuable content is key,” said Regos. “Understand what your customers want and provide it. Stick to the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent should be content that your customers want and need. Twenty percent is self-promotional like new classes, promotions and membership discounts.”

Milena explained it is common for a studio to try too many channels and spread themselves thin. Mistakes like sharing the same content across all platforms, too much self-promotion and not enough valuable content makes for poor social media. And by all means, Regos suggested following her one pet peeve — make sure the company knows who set up the profiles and who has the username and password to get into the accounts.

To connect with Milena Regos visit milenaregos.com or @milenaregos on Twitter and Instagram.