Studio management software can be a major resource in helping you run your studio business efficiently and profitably. But, how exactly do you pick which software is best? Here, we highlight top software providers and their main benefits, to help you with your studio software selection.

Tula Software

Who: Andrew Wicklander, Founder

Main Benefits: Customizable calendar. This can be used to schedule group or private appointments. Easy log-in. Tula Software does not force first-time visitors or drop-ins to create an account, which could create a poor user experience. Payment forms. Students have the ability to pay online, and teachers can customize the studio’s payment forms. Apple Watch extension. Students and teachers can sync their Apple Watch to the software, allowing them to stay connected to the studio at all times. Electronic waivers. Students can sign a waiver online before coming to the studio, minimizing the headache of reminding them to sign before class. Customizable messages. Tula Software offers a mass text message service, which can be sent to members or between staff. Customizable notifications. This allows teachers to send specific messages to students. Credit card processing. Does not charge credit card processing fees.

The Pitch: “There’s a whole host of benefits that we offer yoga studios,” said Wicklander. “At theme level, we basically try to go behind the scenes and give you the tools that you as a business owner need to succeed, without getting in the way of your relationship with your customers.”


Who: Anthony Kelly, Head of Marketing and Business Development

Main Benefits: Simple online and mobile booking. Students can book into a class on the go through your member app or website portal. If a class is full, the waiting list feature alerts students if a space becomes available. Secure online and mobile payments. Students can make online payments for classes, memberships and products with ease through your member app or website portal. Notifications and reminders. Students can receive notifications through your member app to keep them up-to-date. Auto alerts ensure they never miss a class or a payment. Instant check-ins. When your students check in via an in-app barcode, they’re automatically notified as to how many classes they’ve been to and when it’s time to buy more. Member app store. Customers can purchase your products directly on your app or website portal, with the option to collect it on their next visit.

The Pitch: “Glofox is unique in that it provides clients with a fully branded mobile app solution for booking and payments as standard,” said Kelly. “The mobile member app provides a unique opportunity for yoga studios to develop and style a sleek mobile customer interface, which is on brand and modern.”


Who: Roodolph Senecal, Founder

Main Benefits: Simplicity and ease of use. Students and teachers experience an easy-to-use, intuitive experience, both on the front end and back end of the system. Feedback capabilities. Data is collected from you and your members, resulting in further insights into your business. Appealing to the eye. A three-panel homepage allows owners to easily see a client’s personal information, payment plan and status, which also tracks their attendance. Customizable notifications. You can send students specific messages via email or text message, such as past-due payment reminders. Pricing. Ranges from $35 a month to $64 (if your studio has more than 500 members), regardless of what features are utilized. Online booking. There is 24/7 access to your live schedule and online store. Easy point of sale. Make sales from the front desk or any mobile device.

The Pitch: “Our approach is different,” said Senecal. “Not simply because not everybody could write software, but because our approach to it is holistic. It’s organic. What we do is try and make yoga studios successful. That’s a reflection based on our prices … We want you to be successful. We’ll do everything to have you be successful.”


Who: Jennifer Saxon, Director
of Communications

Main Benefits: Streamlining. Simplifies a yoga studio business’ needs with a web-based platform. Point of sale. Take payments through the MINDBODY point of sale. Swipe cards and set up recurring payments for ongoing revenue. Scheduling. Manage staff schedules through the software from anywhere, anytime. Manage payroll. This allows owners to pay instructors easily. Member profiles. Provides access to client profiles and payments, giving specific information about the client. Two mobile apps. Gain access to an app that allows studios to create their own branded app. The second app is designed specifically for owners to track their business from anywhere. Reports. Provides over 90 reports, giving specific information about your clientele and studio.

The Pitch: “MINDBODY has been serving the yoga industry since we first built our software in 2001,” said Saxon. “We know the needs of yoga studios intimately and many of our team members are yoga instructors and studio owners. We provide yoga studio owners with cutting-edge products designed to keep them at the forefront of today’s business management and customer relationship trends, especially mobile.”


Who: Jarron Aizen, CEO and Director

Main Benefits: Easy scheduling. OneFitStop allows you to manage day-to-day operations, track attendance and payments, create new events and even advertise on the platform. Membership purchasing. Students don’t need to enter the studio to buy a membership or a package of classes — they can visit your website to do so, easily increasing sales. Appointments. Through the “request appointment” feature students can schedule one-on-one sessions with teachers at any point in time, from anywhere. Transparency in billing. This helps students and studio owners better track payments, past and current. Reports: Reports include those on attendance, marketing, finances and general history, all of which can be specified and tailored to suit your specific needs. In-depth reports help you better understand your business.

The Pitch: “We come with a very hands-on [and quick] support time,” said Aizen. “The platform is easy to use and to get to know how to use. And it completes all the major functions or tasks a Pilates or a yoga studio requires, but also allows them to grow with the platform. In general, it is much cheaper than other platforms out there.”