Molly Huff was always a competitive runner and triathlete. As she felt her body start to decline in her early 30s from all the years of being active, she gave yoga a try.

“A girl I was running with was practicing yoga at a local studio in our town,” said Huff. “I was like, ‘You know, I’ll try it out.’ I went and realized how amazing it was. I was going on a regular basis and everything shifted — my injuries went away and I was running much stronger.”

Yoga became an important part of Huff’s life after that day. Finally, a studio owner suggested she teach a class. “He told me go ahead and get the keys to the studio and teach that morning’s 7 a.m. class,” said Huff. “I just said, ‘OK,’ and it was the old school strategy of throw me in the water and try to swim.”

After her trial run of teaching and having a consistently growing class, Huff sought out a teacher training program. She found one with Esther Meyers, who was offering a training designed to consistently grow you as a yogi and a teacher — Huff stayed for three years.

Toward the end of the training, Meyers told Huff she had a gift for yoga and felt it was her true calling in life. Huff was in a place where she was looking for her next venture, and with no business background or a business plan, she decided to sign a three-year lease to start Molly’s Yoga Corner. This year the studio is celebrating 18 years in business.

How has she sustained a business for that length in an evolving industry? By staying true to her path and never dipping her toe in other forms of revenue, such as juice bars or boutique shops. Instead, she has stuck with her passion: yoga.

“It is a competitive business to be in, but you must stay true to yourself and not worry about having the best studio,” said Huff. “Sometimes that’s not what people want. Sometimes less is more.”

With 18 years in the industry, Huff has found her niche and plans to grow within it.

“I want the studio to be like ‘Cheers,’ where everyone is welcome and no one feels intimidation,” said Huff. “We have all walks of life come through and that is what has kept me going. There are people who don’t dig my studio, and that’s OK, we can’t be the perfect place for everyone. But we are perfect for our members.”