As a franchise owner, I’ve learned that you are only as strong as your team.

That’s why we emphasize the importance of building up the identities of our teachers in tandem with building our brand identity. In today’s yoga market — and in the creative entrepreneurial world of business — the consumer is looking to identify personally. They want to see themselves in the businesses they support.

In yoga especially, connection is needed to feel empowered, confident and inspired to follow. In supporting our teachers we are ultimately strengthening the success of our studio businesses. They are the footing upon which we stand and thrive. As their following and their feelings of personal success grow, so can yours.

Here are some ways to support team members and your business for a win-win:

1. Cross Marketing: Encourage your instructors to build their own following in ways that benefit your business as well. Social media is an area with much to offer if handled with cross-marketing in mind. Offer tools and training that will turn social media into valuable cross-promotion and brand awareness.

2. Branding and Endorsement: View your instructors as an extension of your brand. This means outfitting them with branded apparel, as well as endorsing their individuality within the studio. Give instructors the platforms they need to really express their expertise and individual gifts as teachers.

3. Certifications and Education: Yoga is now a mainstream fitness and wellness activity sought out by all ages and abilities. It is therefore important to support teachers with training to ensure they meet their students’ needs effectively and uphold your studio standards for expert instruction. The result is not only consistency in your class offerings — it also sends the message to your staff that you support their teaching development.

4. Community and Events: Provide ways for instructors to represent you and the practice beyond your studio’s walls. Whether it’s video instruction or community events, giving your instructors opportunities to expand their reach and support their home studio increases your visibility and allows instructors to feel empowered.

 Maria Turco is the CEO of the Honor Yoga brand. She has served 20 years as an executive in the fitness industry, co-founder of the Honor Yoga brand, yogi, creative catalyst, entrepreneur and community builder. For information on franchise opportunities with Honor Yoga, go to