Sisters Lauren Farina and Kelly Carter have created a space of community and acceptance.

How did your yoga studio come about? What was your vision or mission? Our vision for Shakti was to create a space where people feel welcomed, seen and heard. The practice of yoga changed our lives, and our mission is to share the practice with others and for students to create a life for themselves they love.

In your opinion, what is one of the most interesting or unique features about the yoga studio’s architecture or design? Our studio is in a 110-year-old, big, white house on Music Row in Nashville. The studio has a feel of home when you walk in the doors, and there is always someone there to greet you and welcome you in.

What is one key to your yoga studio’s success? The key to our studio’s success is community, consistency and acceptance. We intentionally create connection with our teachers and students daily. We let them know that acceptance is the deepest form of love you can give yourselves and others. We strive to create a consistent, welcoming experience each time

What is one piece of advice you could give to other studio owners? My advice to studio owners is to surround yourself with people you trust, trust your gut and enjoy the lessons — there will be plenty.