Everything about MISFITSTUDIO is distinct. Located on the third floor of a converted church in Toronto, the studio provides a serene, authentic atmosphere accompanied by a diverse offering of programs and classes.

For Amber Joliat, owning her own yoga studio is a dream come true and one that came to fruition six years ago when she opened MISFITSTUDIO. “MISFITSTUDIO was built on a dream to connect all outcasts, outsiders and unusual misfits in life,” said Joliat. “I wanted the studio to be a warm and inviting home for everybody to feel free to move and express.”

Upon entering the studio, clients are greeted by large stained glass windows that were originally outfitted in 1864. An abundance of natural light pours into both the movement room and the reformer room. And Joliat has made sure to add her own personal touch to the studio.

“Black and white vintage imagery of circus performers, tattooed women and dancers cover the walls,” explained Joliat. “An altar of trinkets I have collected over the years, deities, flowers, seashells and an Elvis bust, create an atmosphere of travel and faraway places. It is a shrine to living life to its fullest.”

Programming falls into four categories: Pilates, reformer, movement and yoga, all focused around the MISFITMETHOD, which is a mindfully created experience where strength and grace support each other. Classes include, Ballet-ish, Cardio Pilates, Reformer Bootcamp, Essentrics, Groove (an interactive group dance class) and Fusion, which flows through yoga, Pilates and dance, all in one class.

Photo by: Jessica Blaine Smith | http://jbsmithphotography.com

Class names also represent the unique nature of the studio. Some titles include: Get Cheeky Pilates, Get Playful Yoga, Get Sweaty Bosu, Get Ripped Reformer and much more. The studio also hosts a variety of workshops, training and events and recently launched a 50-hour Fusion Teacher training course, a hand-crafted training and mentoring program designed by Joliat herself.

MISFITSTUDIO strives to be more than a yoga studio, but instead a movement studio, providing an opportunity to everyone to flow, move, dance and play. “At MISFITSTUDIO we empower everybody through the magic of movement,” added Joliat. “This is a way of life, not a trend. Not a one-off or a quick fix. Moving the body, untangling the mind and softening the heart are tools for life. MISFITSTUDIO stands for these, like secret weapons, and we believe this creates a stand-out experience that, by word of mouth, has created a cult-like following.”