Caroline Gronowski has been a studio owner since 2011, and has been a partner with JadeYoga almost the entire time. She welcomes the mats into both of her studios, Yoga Bliss Akron, located in Fairlawn, Ohio, and Yoga Bliss Green, located in Green, Ohio, to bring high-quality, eco-friendly products to the students.

Mindful Studio: How were you introduced to JadeYoga, and why did you decide to work with them? 

Caroline Gronowski: I met Dean Jerrehian at a Yoga Journal Conference in New York City about eight years ago. My first studio was newly opened and we were selling mats, but they were cheap, because I couldn’t imagine anybody, myself included, spending $80 on a mat. Dean gifted me a mat and I was an instant fan. I left my cheap mat at the hotel and immediately placed an order for Jade mats to sell at the studio.

Not only was I impressed with the sturdy, non-stick quality of my new mat, I was impressed by the founder of the company, personally promoting a product in which he strongly believed. I was impressed that the mats were all-natural, and I was impressed that the company plants a tree for every mat sold. 

MS: What are the benefits to your studio as a result of this partnership? 

CG: Our entire team loves Jade and promotes the mats. As a result, we have sold 1,627 mats over the last eight years. That’s a nice profit for our studio. In addition, we are known as a studio that offers only the highest quality, from our teachers to our boutique offerings to our juice bar.

MS: What are the benefits to your members as a result of this partnership? 

CG: We offer Jade mats as loaners for those who are brand new to yoga or who forget their own mat. Trying yoga for the first time can be intimidating enough without a slippery mat.

MS: What else can you tell other studio owners/operators about JadeYoga? 

CG: We have loved working with Jade for the last eight years. As a studio that values giving back to the community and making our world a better place, it’s nice to know that the values of our suppliers are aligned with ours.