With beautiful yoga mat storage built to support each yogi’s individual practice and honor the planet, Hey Mache has the answers to yoga storage questions.

Each and every Hey Mache product is carefully handcrafted not just to make yogis lives easier and more organized, but to help keep their practices clean and green. Because hopping on the mat every day should be as easy as saying, “Hey, Mache!” Ready to meet the one-stop shop every planet-loving yogi needs? 

Meet Your New Home Practice Buddy

hOMi is a friendly little tube that fits into the tight corners of studios and homes. Created by two yoga teachers and built to hang while yogis flow, this designer tube will keep sacred spaces clean and mats ready to unroll — so practice is easy. Looking for a convenient and space-efficient way to store teachers’ and rental mats in your studio? Line up a handful of hOMis along a corridor or behind reception to give customers a clean, planet-friendly studio experience they’re sure to appreciate. 

Eco-Friendly, Space-Efficient and Built to Last 

Lean, green and clean, hOMi is made of recycled, non-toxic, ultra-durable paper, which means she’s built to last. This powerful little tube is complete with a breathable wooden end cap to promote everyday mat freshness. hOMi is customizable to the needs of every unique space. Each one comes with an optional wall-mount or can free-stand in homes or studios. 

Hey Mache’s fall line is out of this world. Lovingly wrapped in photos taken by NASA’s Hubble Telescope, these tubes will help yogis connect with the cosmos, one savasana at a time. All Hey Mache designs are totally tubular and made-to-order, so the sky’s the limit when it comes to color, pattern and dimension. Reach out to talk about custom sizing and studio-specific branding.

Hey Mache is Sustainable Design by BFFs 

Hey Mache is the result of 16 years of friendship and a shared love of earth-friendly, sustainable design. All Hey Mache products are handmade locally in the Pacific Northwest in small batches and processed clean. Hey Mache strives to make useful and inspiring goods that reflect responsible manufacturing. So not only is the final product eco-friendly — the fabrication process is, too.

Share the Love, Become an Affiliate

Excited to share the love for hOMi, yoga and sustainability with the community? Join Hey Mache’s affiliate marketing program and help students commit to a home practice with the help of the perfect yoga buddy: hOMi. Contact Hey Mache for details at goodday@heymache.com

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