Fix you. That message is everywhere. Fix your business. People are constantly trying to sell the solution and remind me I’m not good enough right now. That there’s a better way and that I’m missing out on the secret recipe.

Everywhere I turn there’s an ad, an Instagram story, or a book at the airport telling me I could be making way more money. Frankly, I’m sure many of these outlets are amazing, but I also want to remind you, and myself, that we’re doing the best we can – and we all have something we are great at. 

All of us have a superpower, or five. A “genius zone” as I like to call it. But, because these messages are everywhere, we worry we aren’t brilliant or good enough to make it. I want to remind you it’s OK to be mediocre at some things. Maybe even flat out sucky. Believe me, I’m never going to be the most organized person you meet, but I can sell like crazy and teach others to as well. I can deliver an authentic message and give a passionate speech. And now, I’ve committed to spending the majority of my time doing what I’m best at. You can, too.

Here are three ways to focus on your strengths and stay in your genius zone: 

1. Notice What You Procrastinate

Do you find yourself at the end of your day dreading the reports you have to run? Or having a tough conversation with a client or staff member? Start to notice if there’s a trend in the types of work you avoid.

Make a list of the tasks with two columns titled, “Not-in-this-Lifetime Zone” (NITL) and “Competence Zone.” Take the tasks in your competence zone and schedule yourself a window at the beginning of the day to knock them out. Then, take every task on the NITL zone and make a job description with them. Start to visualize someone else doing that work and doing it well. 

2. Make Friends with Delegating

So many of us are terrible at delegating. We think we can do it better. But what we don’t realize is it takes up brain space and massive amounts of time for us to accomplish things that are not our strengths. It’s time to let that go.

Find your person/people to take on that work. It may take time to find him/her, but do it. Maybe it’s an employee or possibly a contract partner or vendor. There are so many options. Put in the effort on the front end and get the NITL work off your plate. Of course, we all have some crap-work to do during the week, but schedule it, and make sure it doesn’t dominate your thinking all week. When a new task shows up at the studio, look at it from all sides and make a conscious decision about who will take it on. Does it fall in your genius zone? 

3. Create a Superhero Alter-Ego

Seriously. It sounds super nerdy and weird, but it’s a fun way to recognize your strengths. Maybe your superhero alter-ego is a customer service rockstar that can bring a smile to even the crankiest face. She can be strong, healthy and able to seamlessly teach others to do the same. Maybe he has seven arms for multi-tasking and doesn’t need sleep since he can hustle with the best of them. Anything.

But write out a list of the traits and skills your superhero version of yourself has. Be conscious of what you get excited to do. What lights you up? Then snapshot your week. How much of your week are you spending as your superhero self? Set a goal for yourself to spend 70 to 80% of your time doing what you’re best at. I promise you’ll be smiling more. 

At the end of the day, we are all busting our butts trying to help people and have a little fun in the entrepreneur game while we’re at it. Hopefully this is a reminder that you don’t need to be fixed. And guys, I promise you, there is no secret sauce. Your unique skills make your business attractive to the right people. Let your super-skills shine and delegate what makes you miserable. Focus on the good today and get out that superhero cape – even if it’s hidden under your Lululemon.