The Yama “ahimsa” means non-harming or non-violence. Some may interpret ahimsa to mean taking a break when you’ve pushed yourself too far in a yoga class, or speaking to yourself and others more kindly. Could we also apply the concept of ahimsa to our planet?

When you stop to think about how much waste is produced daily, it can be overwhelming. Some people don’t think they can make a difference by recycling or reducing waste, but if each person made one tiny difference, imagine what the world could be. One way to inspire your community in this way is to lead by example.

As a studio, we are always striving to be more efficient. One way we realized we could do this was through reducing our waste.

If you have a studio that prints schedules or welcome information, consider emailing that information to new students. This gives the student the option to print something if they feel it is necessary.

Take a look around your studio and see if you can pinpoint where the bulk of your waste is coming from. Is there another way that would be less wasteful?

Switching from paper towels to hand towels in your restrooms is one way to immediately reduce daily waste. Laminating pages such as sign-in sheets for classes can also make a big difference. If you serve tea or water, try switching from disposable cups to glass jars or mugs, or encourage students to bring their own refillable container.

Another way to promote a friendlier environment is to switch to all natural or organic cleaning products.

Your students will notice these changes and ask you about them. This is a great opportunity for you to share your efforts toward a more eco-conscious studio and encourage your students to make some changes at home.

Small changes can make a huge impact on your studio and through your community, and the world.