In today’s world its very likely your studio has a social media account, but are you using it to your advantage? Social media can be a very effective platform for marketing. It’s fast, easy and free. 

Below are four of Hootsuite’s 11 essential social media tips for small businesses to help you reach more of your clients and make your social media presence worthwhile:

1. Start with a Plan 

Every business strategy starts with a good plan and social media marketing is no different. Hootsuite recommends setting goals, researching your competition and seeing what platforms they are using, and to create a social media calendar. 

Social media calendars allow you to plan out your posts in advance, so you can post the right content at the right time. They also allow your social media posts to be organized and not overwhelming. 

2. Schedule Content Ahead of Time

Once you have a social media calendar in place, you can schedule your posts out ahead of time. Some social platforms like Facebook and Pinterest allow you to schedule posts through the site. For other platforms that you don’t allow you to schedule posts you can use social media management software such as Hootsuite and Sendible.

Having posts scheduled out ahead of time allows you more free time to spend on the platform engaging with your followers. 

3. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

The number of different social media platforms can be overwhelming, but Hootsuite notes you don’t need to do it all: “It’s much more important to create quality content on a couple of key channels where you can really connect with your audience than it is to have a presence on every single social network.” Find one or two platforms that work best for your studio and put your time into those, rather than multiple platforms.

4. Track and Refine Your Performance

When it comes to social media marketing it is important to keep track of what does and doesn’t work. Using analytical tools on each of your platforms allows you to get an overview of the impact your online presence is making. You track the metrics that matter to you week to week to see where you need to make adjustments. 

Whether you’ve had your accounts for years, or just months, there’s always room to improve. Try applying these four tips today.