Curious about what you all read the most in 2018?

We were! The below list is the top 10 most-read stories on Mindful Studio’s website throughout the entire year of 2018. The stats are based on pageviews in Google Analytics. Some are from 2018; some are from a couple of years ago. All still have applicable information for your business today.

Check out the below list and see if any of them spark a new fire under your business:

1.Independent Contractor vs. Employed Teachers

An important decision needs to occur before you hire your yoga instructors. Are they going to be classified as Independent Contractors or Employees? This story offers tips on what to classify your teachers as. Read it.

2. Fighting the Bikram Yoga Smell

Keeping a yoga studio fresh and clean can be tough. Sara Curry, owner of Bikram Yoga Portsmouth, shares some tips on how she does it. Read it.

3. Opening a Donation-Based Studio

Owner Belinda Thurston started her donation-based yoga studio after seeing a need to cater to various populations. Read why she did it in this Q&A. Read it.

4. Into the Lyons Den

Bethany Lyons and John Murray discuss the ins and outs of running Lyons Den Power Yoga, their studio in New York City. Read it.

5. Deaf Yoga Foundation Makes Yoga More Adaptable

The Deaf Yoga Foundation serves as a support network for deaf, hard-of-hearing and signing yoga teachers and students around the world. Read it.

6. Raffa Yoga Festival to Bring Together New England Yogis

Christina Russillo, the general manager of Raffa Yoga, sat down with Mindful Studio to answer a few questions about what will happen at their upcoming festival. Read it.

7. Straight Talk from a Studio Owner: Subs, Subs and More Subs

Diane Butera offer tips and tricks on handling subs on your teacher and class schedule at your studio. Read it.

8. Day in the Life of a Yoga Studio Owner

Wendy Swanson, the owner of Be Yoga and Wellness, shares her “day in the life of a yoga studio owner” experience with her business. Read it.

9. Running a Studio in a Small Town

Kat Robinson opened Active Kat Yoga 15 years ago. Robinson has had to work much harder and in more unique ways to generate clients at her studio. Read it.

10. What Yoga Mat is Right for Your Students?

Jade Yoga breaks down what all should be considered when instructing your students on which type of yoga mat to purchase. Read it.