BOLD is coming! Are you ready?

There’s a lot to think about on the attendee side when prepping for a conference, trade show, etc.

Mindful Studio Magazine sat down with Nicole Hoadley, an event planner on the MINDBODY marketing team, to discuss how attendees can have the best BOLD experience possible.

Mindful Studio: What should BOLD attendees keep in mind in terms of prepping to attend?

Nicole Hoadley: Take the time to plan out your experience. With over 35 different breakout sessions to choose from, there are so many opportunities to customize your education. Speakers such as Sadie Nardini, Jill Dailey and Sean Corne will speak on topics ranging from social media, marketing, client retention and individual transformation. If you have multiple people from your business attending BOLD, maybe you split up and share nuggets after BOLD. Download the BOLD conference app to view the times and room locations for each breakout session. 

MS: While attending a conference, what should attendees keep in mind? 

NH: BOLD is so different from other conferences. Expect high energy and come in with an open mind. Inspiration will not only come from our keynote speakers, Kristen Bell and Rachel Hollis, but from the like-minded individuals around you. Be prepared to meet new people during speed networking, the welcome mixer, and the BOLD Bash. Invite a new friend to explore all the Expo Hall has to offer during breaks. 

As for attire, I recommend wearing something casual during the day and encourage repping your brand. For wellness classes, bring your workout clothes. For the BOLD Bash, this is your time to dress up, but still wear something you can dance in. With a live band, DJ and dueling piano bar, there are so many options for the dance party of your choice. 

Nicole Hoadley

MS: What advice can you give attendees to get the most out of their attendance at the conference?

  1. Bring your business cards. You never know who you are going to meet. 
  2. Take it all in. From breakout sessions, to keynotes speakers, to an expo hall full of partners, networking events and wellness classes, there is so much happening. Make the most of your experience by having a positive mindset throughout the event and explore all the opportunities. 
  3. Take a wellness class out of your comfort zone. If you are an experienced yogi, give SWERK (Sweat, Work, Twerk), bootcamp or POUND Fit a try.
  4. Take notes throughout the conference. Whether that’s in the notebook we provide, the conference app, on your phone or laptop, there’s no other way to remember all the information you are going to learn.
  5. Be mindful of your environmental footprint. Use your BOLD conference water bottle at water refill stations, go digital by downloading the conference app, and always remember to keep the “reduce, reuse, recycle” motto top of mind. Every little decision makes an impact on our planet.

MS: What advice for attendees do you have in terms of what happens AFTER attending BOLD?

NH:  Schedule time the week after the event to implement three new things you have learned. If your work environment is distracting, schedule time offsite – maybe to your favorite coffee shop – to create your plan of action. Don’t overwhelm yourself by changing everything at once. Check-in with yourself at the three month, six month and nine month mark following BOLD. Are you seeing these changes positively impact your business?

BONUS TIPS: What advice would you give to exhibitors who are at BOLD?

  1. Arrive early to make sure you have plenty of time to set up and greet attendees.
  2. Wear clothing that reps your brand. 
  3. Be active on social media and utilize the conference hashtag: #BOLDconference.
  4. Have an easy way to collect lead information at your booth.
  5. Following sessions, bring up any interesting facts you learned with attendees at your booth.
  6. Invest in a fun giveaway and have the attendees do an activity to receive it.
  7. Don’t miss out on networking at the BOLD Bash. Encourage attendees to come by your booth the next day.
  8. Make great connections and establish new relationships by always being energetic and participating in as much of the conference as possible.
  9. Reuse or recycle leftover products and materials.
  10. Have fun!