How do you turn a new member into a community member, especially during this time of year? The motivation of a New Year’s resolution has certainly worn off by now and for most, it is still too early to think about their summer physique. The trick is to;

  1. Use promotional offers as the means to receive monetary and/ or time investments made by the customer in attending your studio.
  2. Deliver a feeling to the customer that they received greater value than the money they spent.

If you accomplish this, they will most likely be interested in buying a membership package and become an owner’s dream come true – recurring revenue.

The two concepts listed above are the core elements of a concept called Scaled Promotional Integration (SPI). This article will briefly go over the first stage of SPI: Turning a New Member Into a Community Member.

Let’s start at square one, a new member walks into your studio – what do you do? Some of you may say, “Try your first class for free!”. However, SPI would disagree. Yes, the value is greater than what they spent… but there is no investment! Offering a BOGO (buy one get one) free deal is a much better idea, even better if you tell the new member that not this class but their NEXT class is free. Now the new member has skin in the game. They have made a small investment and as long as you’ve done your job, they are highly likely to return for their free class.

Once the new member has taken advantage of their BOGO deal, you will need something to maintain momentum on the road to making them a successful customer. A studio owner told us about a method they use, it revolves around the number 21. Many of us understand that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so why not offer a 21 day unlimited pass for just $21? Now the new member has not only made another monetary investment but they have made also a time investment over the next 21 days into learning more about your studio. Want to take it a step farther? Offer the new member a brand new yoga mat for 21% off to not only create another monetary investment, but also a daily reminder that they have begun investing in themself.

Now that the business side is taken care of, it is time for you to do what you do best – be a yoga instructor. It is up to you to ensure that this new member has the best experience possible every time they walk through your doors. By the time this promotional period is over, your new member should now feel apart of your community and ready to commit to a membership package!

In the later stages we will discuss more about members increasing their monetary and other investments as they seek to improve their practice. Be on the lookout for more opportunities to learn the real power of SPI.

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