We are always hearing about how networking is an important part of creating and maintaining a business, but using this skill to create lasting and meaningful partnerships is just as important. 

Finding ways to partner with other local businesses and organizations in your community can be beneficial in multiple ways. They can be great incentives for students to come to classes, and they are also great for marketing.

Connect with Others

For example, you could partner with your local animal shelter or food bank and host a fundraiser or food drive. You can even partner with some other yoga studios or businesses in your area to create some friendly competition to see who can raise the most for your cause. This is a great way to connect with like minded businesses, and hosting an event like this is great marketing and publicity for your studio, too. 

Something Special

You can also hold a special class once a month and give the proceeds to a certain cause you feel passionate about. Picking a few different organizations and having students vote on one to give the proceeds to will help to encourage student participation and enthusiasm for the event.

Find a Host

Another option is to reach out to local businesses such as a tea, supplement or essential oil store, and see if they would be interested in hosting a workshop or giving a discount to your studio members. This is a great way to help boost business for both partners and can be a good option if you have a small studio and don’t have room to sell products like these on your own. This type of arrangement is a win-win as it encourages students to become members of the studio because of special perks, and the partner business can also see an increase in sales and in new customers. 

Creating partnerships like these can help your studio stand out from other ones in your area and give students an additional reason to support your studio. The most important thing is to be true to yourself and to partner with business and organizations you can support wholeheartedly. If you are passionate about something, it shows, and your students will notice this too.

Kaitlyn Evans is the marketing and communications director at JadeYoga. She can be reached at ke@jadeyoga.com, or 610.828.4830.