After a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign in July of 2019, Wellmore has released their first product, The Mindful Planner™. 

Wellmore, LLC. — a start-up wellness company out of Littleton, Colorado — announced that their first product, the Mindful Planner, has officially released for online and retail selling. The planner, a mindfulness-based 2020 day planner, was created to help users bring wellness to the forefront of their lives each day with the help of mindfulness strategies. 

“What Kyle and I saw, whether it was in our own stories or the stories of our family, friends and co-workers, was that a lot of us had become successful in different ways, but at the cost of our own wellness and health,” said Andrew Hanning, a co-founder, in the press release. “As for myself, I had managed a large counseling practice for about eight years, but I wouldn’t say that I was well, especially in the later years. Sadly, I think that story is familiar for a lot of folks.”

With this in mind, the Mindful Planner was designed to help individuals align their day with their core values, promote awareness and acceptance of where they are at holistically, and identify tangible steps toward increasing wellness. The planner includes sections for identifying these areas, as well as educational components for those who may be new to the world of mindfulness.

“The mindfulness skills are such an asset here, because oftentimes the corrections we see people make when they are not well is to jump into a lot of self-care activities, isolate themselves — a.k.a. ‘take some me time,’ or  make repair attempts for the damage done, rather than being aware of your current state and being responsive to needs,” said Hanning. “It’s a very different place to approach wellness from, and a place where you can start to create some longevity. We just want to help facilitate that process for people.” 

Small business owners, yoga studios, coffee shops, counseling practices and individuals seeking more wellness in their lives have been some of the first to seek out the benefits of the Mindful Planner. And with nearly 500 sold in the first month of release, the Mindful Planner is shaping up to be a great addition for anyone looking to build a foundation of wellness in their life. 

“Really, that’s our aim here,” said Hanning. “Not to sell thousands of planners, but that a planner could be available for someone looking for a bit of wellness in their life. There are some great productivity planners out there; our twist is we just want you to be well first, then seek success.”

Planners are available online at or at selected local retailers.

Mindful Planner
Andrew Hanning and Kyle Read, the founders of Wellmore, LLC.