Magic happens in Elevate Yoga and Wellness’ Candlelight Restore Aerial Yoga class.

The studio, located in Phoenix, Arizona, offers the class in hopes to help students release their physical and mental tension, finding deep rest in body and mind. Students attending this class will find a gentle, meditative, slow stretching and rehabilitative flow. The aerial silk is there to support students through poses about a foot off the floor.

“We put a lot of heart into this class,” said Brandi Boers, a co-owner of the studio. “We have spent the time over the years not only taking a variety of continuing education courses to deepen our own knowledge and understanding of restorative yoga, the nervous system, trauma theory, assists and use of props, but we have spent the time developing the sequencing and shapes, specific to using the aerial silk, that truly makes this practice a luxurious experience. From the relaxing sounds/music that is played, to the guided meditation throughout the entire class, to the use of props in addition to the aerial silk, students feel safe, supported, and are able to relax and completely let go of whatever they’re dealing with in that moment, that day or just in life in general.”

Elevate is a studio that believes in balance, with a niche in aerial yoga. Co-owner Amber Lopez said for this reason, all of their classes incorporate the fabric as a prop in some form or fashion.

However, the Candlelight Restore Aerial Yoga class steps away from the fun transitions and getting the heart rate up. “Taking time to slow things down and focus on breath work, nurturing the nervous system and invoking rest and digest is equally as important,” said Lopez. “With this class, we help our students rest, restore, relax, reduce stress and much more.”

Both owners said they want to give students a place where the nervous system can truly relax, which is where the magic happens. And it happens in this class, as students spend the entire time on the ground, staying in shapes for three to five minutes. 

“We often get the reaction they are ‘yoga drunk’ after class,” said Boers. “People are able to completely release and let go for that hour. Whatever else is going on in their life doesn’t matter. They love they can give that time back to themselves no matter what, and we often hear things like, ‘I get the best sleep ever after taking this class’ or ‘I feel so relaxed. I need a moment before I leave.’”

When it comes to hosting your own Candlelight Restore Aerial Yoga class, Lopez said the details matter. Whether it’s the sounds in the background, the props used or your guided meditation techniques, the goal is ultimately to make the student feel comfortable and supported. That’s where the nervous system calms down and the experience is enhanced.

But, you must also be passionate about your offering. That often leads to a class where students leave, wanting to come back for more. “This type of practice is special and sometimes the hardest for most to ‘get,’” said Lopez. “When you pour your heart and soul into it, your students will feel that energy and it will help them adapt, adjust and completely give into the experience.”