Your students just finished an epic yoga class and they’re riding the yoga high. The intention they set the moment they stepped on their mat is still palpable. The hope is for this feeling to last forever, or at least until the next class, but sometimes we all need a little something to bring us back to that moment.

What better way to do that than to wear your intention or mantra? Yoga jewelry isn’t just about what’s trending in fashion magazines; it’s about connecting the wearer to something more personal. By offering inspirational jewelry, you can support your students in manifesting and keeping their intentions and dreams close, while increasing the revenue of your yoga studio.

If you don’t already offer yoga jewelry and mala beads in your studio, here are five reasons you should reconsider.

1. Wear your mantra, wear your intention: Setting intentions and living with intention is everything these days. People aren’t looking for boring fashion jewelry; they’re looking for jewelry with meaning. The goal is connection. People want a memento of their experience or a reminder of their intentions to take everywhere with them. Mala beads, gemstones, crystals and mantras all carry different meaning, and when that connection is made a sale is made, and both of you win.

2. One word — branding: You have your logo and slogan on tees and tanks, but what about hand-stamped jewelry? Spread your message by offering your mantra or slogan on a hand-stamped pendant or charm. Some companies can also work with you to create custom logo charms for your studio.

3. Connecting jewelry to class offerings: Does your studio offer meditation classes where mala beads can be used as a tool to assist in counting their mantras? Or perhaps your studio offers classes on balancing the chakras or opening the heart, where particular chakra gemstones can support those teachings? By offering tools to support your student’s yoga and meditation practice, you can boost your business.

4. Word of mouth: When someone wears a unique piece of jewelry, it sparks conversation outside of your yoga studio. This creates the opportunity to reach a larger audience and for potential customers to come in off the street seeking unique jewelry. And once they’re in the studio, they can see all of the other offerings such as retail, yoga classes, memberships and workshops.

5. Giving back: So many companies are taking it one step further and doing something for the greater good. This can be one more reason to feel good about carrying a particular brand in your studio. From a portion of sales to organizations supporting those with cancer or a disability, feeding the homeless or helping those less fortunate, your purchase can help make a difference in the world. Do the brands you carry give back to those in need? If so, share this information with your customers too. This can be the deciding factor in their purchase as well.

And don’t forget the upcoming holiday season. This may be the best time to amp up the retail end of your business. The convenience of one-stop yoga and shopping is quite a perk when you consider the alternative of crazy holiday shopping at local malls.

But no matter the time of year or holiday season, the yoga jewelry you choose to offer in your studio can help you stand out in a crowded yoga market. It will enrich and support your students’ practice and help them feel closer to their intentions and dreams. Yoga is about connection, and a hand-stamped mantra or set of mala beads can be the gentle reminder they need to keep that feeling going.


Jennifer Ciraulo is the founder of Blooming Lotus Jewelry, an inspirational jewelry line with a free-spirited bohemian vibe. Offerings include hand-crafted mala beads, hand-stamped mantras, necklaces, bracelets and crystals. A portion of sales are donated to non-profit organizations to support those with pediatric cancer and children with special needs. Learn more or contact Ciraulo through